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anyone feel they have little in common with their friends anymore? and are there any mummies who like sport???

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jellybelly25 Mon 24-Sep-07 10:14:23

That's about it really. The sport thing is just a symptom!

I have always felt like a bit of a nomad with friendship groups... and I think people tend to think I am a bit weird. It will make me feel a bit sad if I go into much detail. I'm just not interested in most of the stuff I end up talking to people about, and although I am very friendly and enjoy the company of others. I have close friends who I dont see much of who I have little in common with but it doesn't matter cos our values are the same. But in terms of people I see regularly, I just feel really isolated.

So, as a lighthearted aside, do any other mums watch cricket/football/rugby/snooker/tennis instead of daytime TV?

webchick Tue 25-Sep-07 22:59:08

Yes I quite like watching Eurosport they have really wacky sports on there. I also like Transworld Sport which used to be on Ch4 but not sure when its on nowadays. My preferred TV sport is golf (esp if European Tour) and tennis. And when its Commonwealth Games and Olympics I get really into gymnastics, swimming and athletics. Plus all the winter sports. Gosh my list is getting quite long now!

BTW I feel my friendships come and go every few months, I distance myself from various people for a while then when we do see each other we have stuff to catch up on. My longer-standing friends dont live nearby so I tend to catch up by phone instead. My nearby friends are all quite cultured; books, theatre, cooking etc which just isnt my thing.

jellybelly25 Tue 25-Sep-07 23:09:58

Thats quite reassuring smile

That's a cool list, I never watch winter sports really, perhaps I'll give that a go... We are a bit athletics mad in this house, I really enjoyed hte world champs this yr especially as most of it was on during they day...

I've read a few other threads abotu friendships and it seems like most people actually don't have anything like the model of perfectly balanced friends who share common interests AND see each other a reasonable amount AND provide a really strong support network.

Pages Tue 25-Sep-07 23:32:11

Hi Jelly, don't watch it (sport) but I am quite physically active.

I think it is a symptom of getting older that your personality becomes more definite and you just can't be doing with the the superficial conversations anymore - or at least not for very long.

There is nothing wrong with you. My DH loves sport on TV and would chat to you for hours. I personally can't stand daytime TV but am not that interested in sport on TV either.

I have "moved on" from old friends many times in my life, to me it's like clearing out the wardrobe of the clothes you don't wear anymore to make more room for the new ones. I have several very old and dear friends but many new ones too.

You sound like you very much know who you are and what you like. That's a good thing. I think you will probably find you have more in common with male friends if you are really into sport on TV - so why not have more male buddies, and pursue these interests?

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