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Best affordable OLD?

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goodbanana Sun 14-Jun-20 13:18:22

New to OLD. Don't have much money to spend at the moment but want to start putting a thoughtful profile together. Started signing up for one until I realised they wanted £29 a month. Just can't afford it... can anyone recommend any? Not tinder or POF please! grin

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Crystalspider Sun 14-Jun-20 14:03:29

I think they are all about same, you might find special offers if you subscribe for longer than a month. Dating is expensive though even if you find someone, days out, new clothes, gifts if you get serious :/

Michaelbaubles Sun 14-Jun-20 14:06:02

Why not Tinder? It’s not the fuckfest it’s made out to be, and it’s mostly the same people as on anything else. Plus, super quick and easy to set up and get on with. Never had an inappropriate message on there and the first guy I met is now my DP of three years! Much better than the depressing world that was Match.

MrMeeseekscando Sun 14-Jun-20 14:08:34

Bumble was good, I met my current boyfriend 8 months ago on there 😁
I've heard good things about hinge

B1rdflyinghigh Sun 14-Jun-20 14:09:39

Bumble, then you're in control because you have to send the first message. It is free and a slightly fresher format than Tinder.

Butterywarning Sun 14-Jun-20 20:10:00

I met DH on PoF. Had previously tried eharmony but found there seemed to be all manner of headfuckery on there under the guise of being serious enough about wanting a relationship that they were using a paid for site - sorry Sunday night brain, hopefully you get what I mean.

From my experience a lot of the same faces were on both paid and unpaid sites so there really wasn’t any need to pay for the service.

Needtogetbackinthesack Sun 14-Jun-20 20:26:27

I have only ever used tinder. Exchanged a few messages with a few people, one was lovely but we never met up for various reasons but we chat on fb often, a few never came to anything, had a couple of nice zoom dates but no spark. Met someone on a socially distanced date and it's been lovely, he's now become my support bubble person this weekend. It's obviously early days but I'm feeling really positive. As a pp said tinder isn't a fuckfest unless you want it to be - I didn't, so I deleted anyone pushing it too far down that road, and only met up with the one guy I really felt a connection to. It's my first and only OLD, I think you just have to be fairly ruthless and stick to your boundaries whatever site you go on.

DianaT1969 Sun 14-Jun-20 20:29:01

I saw that Hinge is around £7 per month. Bumble - my friend complained that it was full of lazy, entitled men who liked that women had to make the first move. Obviously that's just a study of one 😁

Teacaketotty Sun 14-Jun-20 20:29:47

I met my DH on POF years ago, I tried a few sites and there wasn’t much difference - I wouldn’t pay to use one to be honest x

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