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Anyone else decided that they're are giving up dating for the foreseeable due to social distancing?

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CakesRus3 Fri 12-Jun-20 07:27:02

At the beginning of lockdown I decided to keep my dating app open as I thought it might be a good idea to continue chatting/building a friendship first. I actually thought it might be good for the dating world. Almost 13 weeks later, I'm thinking what is the point. This social distancing is going to be on going until way into next year. Even if I did meet someone to date and the restrictions were lifted as like in England where 2 families can make a bubble of support, I wouldn't want to chance the risks just for a date or 2.
This means absolutely no dating for quite some time. I think I need to come to terms with being single for another couple of years.

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Endless11 Fri 12-Jun-20 09:18:16

Not so much decided to give up as I wasn’t doing OLD before, but yes, coming to terms with the fact that meeting someone and starting a relationship will probably be impossible until next year.

I did do OLD at the end of last year and I went on some dates with someone I have re-connected with (by message) during lockdown. He’s very nice and there is some attraction there and for a while that was keeping me going, but then everything you have said in your OP dawned on me and I realised that our re-connection can only lead to friendship really (which is nice). We had been messaging quite a lot but that has died down to less as it’s difficult to keep that intensity going without being able to meet (not sure where it would have lead anyway, as I wasn’t when we went on our dates - he is lovely though).

What bothers me is that I am 51 and feel like time is really running out sad.

hellsbellsmelons Fri 12-Jun-20 09:25:29

Nope - I decided that 2 years ago and I've never regretted it.
I love being single and will stay that way indefinitely.
I have men I can 'call on' if necessary but I've not found it necessary since October last year!

Seesaw9 Fri 12-Jun-20 09:36:44

Dating doesn’t seem to make any sense currently

PumpkinP Fri 12-Jun-20 11:11:26

I haven’t dated in 3 years so it’s not something new to me. However I really can’t see the point in dating right now. They also say it’s best not to talk online to someone for ages without meeting as it creates a false sense of intimacy, so I wouldn’t for that reasons as well.

cheerup Fri 12-Jun-20 12:21:39

I've tried. Socially distanced dating which led to a couple of not distanced encounters with one of my dates but then we both backed off. I don't think he is bubble material so I'm gonna let it go. I've really connected online with someone in the states which is messing with my head in a big way. I'm also chatting to a previous OLD nearly-date who is some distance away. I think I just need to accept 2020 is gonna be flirty friendships and nothing more.

OldeMagick Fri 12-Jun-20 14:00:28

I haven't dated for more than 3 years and don't miss it at all. If I want companionship, I have friends I can call.

It was lonely at first, but now I love my freedom.

Abbcccus Fri 12-Jun-20 16:16:17

I am new to OLD and decided to dip my toe into the water in February.
Straight into lockdown and I have found it a frustrating time.
Messages start out enthusiastic but drop off quickly without any common interests and shared experiences.
I miss the physical side, not just the sex but the intimacy, the looks, the touch, the hugs. I miss the sex too.
Life is empty, lonely and shit.

RLEOM Sun 14-Jun-20 23:53:35

I see no point so I've given up. Besides, I look fugly at a distance. 😂

Bunnymumy Mon 15-Jun-20 00:01:47

Yup, definately.

Else, you may meet timewasters online that only want to chat for the ego boost and you wont know that until a few months down the line, as you can't really meet up right now anyway.

Plus all the narcissists will be freaking out over lack of supply atm and have turned to the internet.

So I think I'll put it off until next spring, at the earliest.

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