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Pregnant and alone

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Ellizabee Fri 12-Jun-20 18:37:26

My uncle smokes in the house and he's got friends who takes drugs and sometimes visit when not in lockdown.
I'm 25 and I was working at a nursery but it was a 0 hour contract so I've had no work and only universal credit as income. I was planning on going to uni this year but with baby coming, it's having to be put off until next year.
My friend talks to me still. Nowhere near as much. But she let me down by saying I couldnt stay with her for a bit until I got on my feet because she doesnt want her sleep interrupted by a baby, despite having a 4 bedroom house. Her words were " you could stay but youd have to leave your dog and the baby. But obviously you can't leave the baby." Then, she started suggesting women refuges 😔
I'm hoping it gets better after baby's born. I've spoken to my partner about housing options but because of his job we are unsure if we'll have to move later this year, so a tenancy agreement is not really a great option. Thank you for the replies everyone! Xx

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SavannahKT Fri 12-Jun-20 17:35:14

I feel quite lonely as well. My family and partner are absolute great, but I feel quite a few friends have slowly stepped out of my life when I broke the news.
My best friend is always there for me, but she’s got a lot on her plate as well (she has her own young child to look after and some other things going on), but as for my other close friends (all married without children), I barely hear from them these days. One just started ignoring me all together 😞
I do hope this will get better, maybe once the baby is born?
I totally feel you and I hope you’ll get all the support you deserve xxx

MadinMarch Fri 12-Jun-20 07:22:06

It doesn't sound as though you have much stability in your life really, which may be difficult when the baby arrives. It sounds as though you need to plan for the possibility of being a single parent.
Can you use this time before to find a place of your own to live? In what way is your uncle irresponsible? How old are you and are you working, and why is your friend not talking to you 'because of the baby'?

Ginandbitterlemonplease Thu 11-Jun-20 22:55:38

This loneliness won’t last forever. Lockdown won’t last forever, and once more of the rules are relaxed you can maybe go to mother and baby groups and start socialising. Try and meet mum away from dad. Etc.

I know I haven’t been much help but I remember feeling exactly the same. Sometimes being pregnant in a room full of people can be isolating. Stay strong, you’ve got this xx

Ellizabee Thu 11-Jun-20 22:39:11

I don't have many people I'd consider friends, but I've had 2 who I've kept really close. But, since being pregnant, everyone seems to have turned their backs on me.
My best friend has become unreliable and even said it was because of baby. My other friend has become more distant because she's had 2 miscarriages, which I helped her through and have always been understanding towards, so I don't bring up my own pregnancy to avoid triggering her. But, she's just got distant regardless.
My family have tried to be supportive, but because of my tense relationship with my dad, I'm unable to see my mum as much as I'd like. I'm currently living with my uncle, who I get on with but can annoy me a lot due to him being irresponsible. And my relationship with my partner has become really strained due to the stress we're under. We're not living together and almost called time on us recently, agreeing to give it one last shot. With the lockdown rules, I barely leave the house and never get to meet people.
I just feel really alone. Does anyone else feel like this? Any tips on how to get through pregnancy alone?

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