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Feel like im going Nuts

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nrou95 Thu 11-Jun-20 21:38:04

Ive been with my DH for 15yrs married 11yrs this year, we had a great relationship up until about 6mths ago when things really began to change, he has become very distant, secretive and has for the first time ever began lying about things. Ive caught him out quite a few times because he forgets what he says half the time. He says he still loves me but that my attitude towards him is pushing him away, that he feels suffercated.

I suspect his having an affair but it doesnt matter how much proof I have he always manages to turn the table and tell me its all in my head, He swears black and blue that he hasnt spoken to her or messaged her yet her number popped up on his phone bill and he tried to explain it away by saying he butt dialed her At 530am in the morning I dont think so.

So he stopped using any form of social media back in september ( or so I thought), but it turns out he had actual restricted me on facebook so I couldnt see what he was up to, I caught him out of course he denied this until i confronted him with screen shots, of all the post that he was liking on one particular OW page, he went off and accused people of trying to turn me against him etc, to the point that he deleted his main profile.

Then low and behold he starts a fake one and again messaging and loving this OW profile and posts. There has been messages im sure of but of course all is being denied. The profile photo he used was of a fire pit in our own back yard, but again he stated Its all in your head its not mine the usual crap. He gets really defensive when I ask anything about his day etc.

His trying to say his having a midlife crisis but Im not buying the BS, his so protective of his phone Im not allowed to touch it at all, its on his body from the time he wakes up till He goes to bed, he will pick fights just so he can take off in his car to "cool" down then refuse to answer his phone if I call him. He thinks Im stupid that I dont know his off talking to her. She is younger than him with young Children, so I know its about stroking his ego.

Ive booked weekends away where its just the two of us doing things that I know he enjoys, but he always finds an excuse to not go, when I called him out he got angry and stormed off.

He went through the home computer yesterday looking for things I may have on him and found nothing because I have it all backed up in a safe place, Ive given him enough rope to hang himself with but he somehow manages to slip the rope,

Im seeing a counceller who has told me to call the OW she will either lie if its just a fling for her or tell me the truth so I boot his arse out and he runs straight to her.

Im sure he wants me to boot him out so I look like the crazy wife and he looks like a saint, I've told him point blank if he wants to leave then do so he walks away with nothing but his clothes.

I dont know how much more I can take of his crap. Im busting my butt to make this marriage work, he come good for a week or so then back to his crap


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Crystalspider Thu 11-Jun-20 21:49:27

Just boot him out doesn't matter how much he denies it you know your not crazy, don't waste any more time on him, he's already checked out.

Windmillwhirl Thu 11-Jun-20 21:51:07

Sorrybyou are going through this but he's not interested in saving your marriage. No one will think you are crazy for saying you are breaking up. It happens all the time

Fairycake2 Thu 11-Jun-20 23:15:25

It definitely sounds like he's up to something but even if he's not, he's not treating you well and seems to have checked out. Think about what you want. You don't need evidence to be able to leave. Whether he's up to something or not, if you don't trust him is it worth continuing in the relationship? Good luck 💐

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