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Bibe Thu 11-Jun-20 07:09:05

My DP changed after I had my second child, 10 years into our relationship, and expected me to turn into a housewife. I had a successful career, but he wouldn't take care of the kids so I could continue to work. We had 50/50 responsibility with my first. I had severe post natal anxiety and PTSD. He became selfish, uncaring and expected me to fit into his model of what a wife should be and started criticising me for not being good enough. Skip forward 10 years. I've done my best to keep our family together, I've overcome my anxiety and PTSD, and moved to the spare room 6 months ago. I am stronger, but he is worse. He is a true narcissist. I can't leave our family home at the moment (the work that needs to be done makes it unsaleable, and he controls all that), my kids and I are safe and I'm really not taking the crap any more. But I am struggling. I need someone to give me some balanced support to think about how to move on, and to regain some of the control he has taken away from me. Who should I talk to? TIA lovely friends.

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category12 Thu 11-Jun-20 07:13:18

Women's Aid?

I would focus on your exit plan to get through.

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