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Trying to trip up lying ex. Are hostels still open because of covid 19?

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Darkdiva Mon 08-Jun-20 06:14:18

My ex is being really out of order. I've already gone into detail in a different post. He left this week and says he has been staying in a hostel when i suspect he is with another woman. Are hostels still operating due to the lockdown. Just trying to get answers to his horrible lies

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ukgift2016 Mon 08-Jun-20 06:23:07

Why? You know he is cheating, he has left the family home for a SECOND time. If your desperately trying to cling onto hope he be coming back. You are mistaken.

He doesn't love you, harsh but he left you twice. You need to rebuild your life independently with your children.

SoloMummy Mon 08-Jun-20 06:26:22

It's variable. Some are yes. Some aren't.

Darkdiva Mon 08-Jun-20 06:27:52

I am fully aware of what he is and im not clinging to anything. I am just trying to find the answer to the question because I'm trying to find out for myself. Its easy to say just forget it and move on straight away and rebuild your life. I just want to know so I know...

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Ullupullu Mon 08-Jun-20 06:28:54

Of course some hostels and hotels are open for keyworkers but that's hardly the issue. If you don't believe him then that's that. Why bother?

Darkdiva Mon 08-Jun-20 06:34:37

Because it keeps me awake at night. Im not made of stone im just trying to find the answers myself so i can make sense of it for me.

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Ullupullu Mon 08-Jun-20 06:37:42

I suppose I mean you're focusing your energy on the wrong thing. There's no "gotcha" if he's been lying. It no longer matters.

Darkdiva Mon 08-Jun-20 06:39:49

We have children. I just want to know so i can have the information. Its all i was asking

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Darkdiva Mon 08-Jun-20 06:51:24

Im not clinging to anything. He uses it as an excuse to not see his child. I have given him opportunity to have access and says hes staying in a hostel. Then threatens me with court. I just want to be armed with the truth before it gets nasty because that's where he is trying to take this.

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Windmillwhirl Mon 08-Jun-20 06:58:18

I u understand why you want to know. I personally wouldn't care less, but i get it.

If you know the area he stayed you could ring a few but that's no guarantee as he may have stayed so.eahere else.

You could ask him outright but he may rightfully tell you it's none of your business.

If you are wanting to use this to label him a liar/cheat I think you have your work cut out for you. Is that why you want to know for yourself? To know if he cheated on you?

Darkdiva Mon 08-Jun-20 07:02:18

No it's not about the cheating,even though that is the absolute worst. Its the constant lies and all these things stop him from seeing his child. There should be no excuses it's just upsetting me quite a bit

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Butterface2020 Mon 08-Jun-20 08:26:06

Yeah, ring the ones in his area.

BluebellForest836 Mon 08-Jun-20 08:29:23

If he’s staying in hostels then he hardly has the money to take you to court does he.

Aussiebean Mon 08-Jun-20 09:16:21

Can you tell him that the kids have created a card for for him and want to post it so you need his address?

His answer will tell you a lot.

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