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Should I leave

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loopylol1990 Sun 07-Jun-20 15:14:31

Iv been with partner 5 years I'm 30 hes 40 and have 4 yo son. I suffered PND when having son and partner was no support at all to me. Always rather spending time drinking with his friends rather than family time so I really struggled. Iv tried sitting down having talks with him numerous times where he says things will change etc. They might for few weeks then all back to normal again.
I have no sex drive at all and We very rarely ever have sex once in blue moon both go to bed at diffrent times and when we do I'm just not intrested want it over with as quick as possible. Theres just no emotional connection between us at all. We never have any alone time together and when we do he just sits and stares at his phone so we dont even talk. We never have family days together as hed much rather see his mates so most of time it's just me and my son.I'm just sick of feeling so lonely and to think my life will still be like this in 5/10 years just makes me so depressed. I also want more children in the future and he doeant. But I dont want to break the 'family' up for my sons sake as he loves his daddy. Dont really know the point in my post just feel like I need someone to talk to. Help

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pog100 Sun 07-Jun-20 15:33:42

Well to me your post is shouting, yes! Leave him! Your son won't lose his father, you will just co-parent separately. I suspect both of you will be happier after a split which can only be good. Your child is getting to an age where he will notice relationships and you are not modelling a good one. So initiate a split as soon as you can.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 07-Jun-20 15:41:41

Why would you want to show your son such a miserable and unhappy family life?. Whose sake would you be staying for really, it’s not for you or your son really. You cannot use your son as a reason to stay with such a man. This man is showing you all too clearly who he is and he cares not for you or his child.

Would you want your son to grow up thinking that this frankly poor dysfunctional example of a relationship is his norm too?

hydroxychloroquinegate Sun 07-Jun-20 17:32:33

This all sounds utterly miserable op. If you can you should leave. You are just 30! and have a good 50 years ahead of you. Be happy.

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