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Just a moan...

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category12 Sat 06-Jun-20 19:27:42

Isn't the bigger question, why are you letting him away with doing 5% of the housework while you work more than he does?

Why are you living with such an unequal division of labour?

90sBaby90 Sat 06-Jun-20 19:23:36

I'm not sure whether lockdown is highlighting it more or not but I'm finding DP really fucking irritating. I feel bad for being off with him but he's just driving me mad.

I do 95% of the housework plus work more hours than him. All he has to do is wash the pots and maybe hoover every so often.

When he washes the pots he'll be like "oh babe, just put these pots that are on the drying rack away so I have more space" and then it's "can you just look around the house to check there's no other cups/mugs?" And then it'll be "just scrape this plate a bit more please" AIBU to think if this is your only job, you either collect all the glasses prior to washing the pots, you scrape the plates and then do the dishes! It's your only job!!! I wouldn't mind if it was every so often but it's every time he does the dishes (twice a day!)

Argh and breathe grin

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