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D day - any online recommendations?

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Toomuchchange Sat 06-Jun-20 11:29:12

After many years of relationship indifference I have finally decided for my future happiness, sanity and to be the best mother I can be, I need to get a divorce.

I’m building up the courage to have the conversation with my husband and am hesitant on how he will react.

I’m concerned about the impact of having this conversation whilst in lockdown but don’t think anything will be normal for some time and so no longer thinking waiting it out is a good idea.

I’m hopeful after the initial shock we will be able to work this out through mediation. Are there any online companies you could recommend? I don’t think we will be able to go in person with lack of childcare options. Ive found a few online but would rather go with a company from a personal recommendation.

Any handholding wouldn’t got amiss either. I’m terrified. Got some notes to support me. Have done as much research as I can re finances. Now I just need to bite the bullet.

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