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Hi all advice please!!

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Mummybear26 Thu 04-Jun-20 15:39:41

Hey! So on Sunday my 10 year old decided to make an accusation towards my partner of 6 years saying he was frightened as he got told to come indoors no raised voices shouting or nasty words exchanged my neighbours called the police thinking my child was in danger ( totally understand I would of done the same) police attended and my partner left the home willingly whilst my 10 year old calmed down, on Monday my 10 year old apologied and said he done it because his jealous his brother has a dad and he doesn’t. This isn’t the first time with my son last year he made an accusation against his class teacher and kicked the headteacher because he was “forced” to go to school.. because the police got called on Sunday SS phoned my partner today but I haven’t heard anything off them. They are doing there job and I agree with this BUT how do I go about my child lying and showing SS it’s unfortunate but this is how my 10 year old behaves as a “solution” to anyone who has authority! I have tried several times for him to have counciling but it’s never gone through. Help please I’m so stressed and crying! X

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Bathbedandbeyond Thu 04-Jun-20 15:41:54

Does your partner have a record or anything that will come up during a police check? If not, This incident in isolation won’t progress.

Mummybear26 Thu 04-Jun-20 15:46:44

Thank you for a speedy response, no record or anything I don’t even think he has ever spoken to a police officer about anything serious until Sunday. I’m sick with worry and constantly keep crying. SS have phoned him and not myself. X

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