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Fighting neighbours

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hellena37 Mon 01-Jun-20 21:33:57

This afternoon, the neighbours behind me got into a huge physical fight. They have two small children below 5. The guy is much older than the woman, we were having lunch and they started fighting, he was shouting accusing her of sleeping with someone, he hit her in the face, she was screaming for him to get off her and she was crying, their daughter was watching. Poor girl looked scared. The guy is much bigger than the young woman. I was scared myself. He noticed we were watching so he locked her back in house and she escaped through front door with the kids. She was crying as he followed her as he begged her not to leave him.she later came back. It is quiet. I nearly called the police. Am really worried for her.
Do you have neighbours who constantly fight to the point of scaring you. Is it reasonable to call police. The way he was with her, am surprised she has come back.

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EatDessertFirst Mon 01-Jun-20 21:44:02

You NEARLY called the police?! Why didn't you? That poor woman and her children.

Walnutwhipster Mon 01-Jun-20 21:46:22

You should have called the police.

bulletjournalbilly Mon 01-Jun-20 21:46:36

Fuck sake! Call the police now

ProfessorPollington Mon 01-Jun-20 21:48:24

Please please call the police.

SureTry Mon 01-Jun-20 21:49:09

How about you get off here and call the Police! Bloody unbelievable. YOU'RE scared, no one hit you! But you've happily watched it all happen and then come on here. For what exactly?!

jelly79 Mon 01-Jun-20 21:49:46

'He noticed we were watching and locked her back In the house.'

He punched her in the face.

Please phone the police

Bluntness100 Mon 01-Jun-20 21:51:53

That’s not a fight, that’s domestic violence, he assualted her in front of you. Call the police.

Did you really watch him punch her in the face and drag her into the house and just sit there and watch?

BananaPop2020 Mon 01-Jun-20 21:52:55

Please call the Police, you could be potentially saving this woman’s life.

Ofalltheginjoints Mon 01-Jun-20 21:56:36

Of course it’s reasonable to call the police! Neighbours nearby had a fight over the weekend where an argument turned physical on both sides started with the woman hitting the man and trying to smash windows but then he started to manhandle her into the house, I rang the police who attended quickly and as far as I know they don’t have children.

Think of it this was OP, if that was you In that situation would you want someone to call the police to help you? I would in the situation I saw

Landlubber2019 Mon 01-Jun-20 22:02:34

Tomorrow may be to late ... Please call the police tonight and if don't hesitate to keep phoning the police if you see any further violence

GreenFingersWouldBeHandy Mon 01-Jun-20 22:22:56

Call the police immediately. He might kill her next time.

lovelocks Mon 01-Jun-20 22:27:01

Call the police now and tell them what happened.

category12 Mon 01-Jun-20 22:30:37

You should have called the police. You should still report it. What on earth were you thinking to sit there and watch it and do nothing?

GeorgiaWeLoveYou Mon 01-Jun-20 22:32:56

OP, just call the police. You might not be able to see/hear them now but this woman and child still need help.

LovingLola Mon 01-Jun-20 22:36:07

Why did you only nearly call the police?

AnneLovesGilbert Mon 01-Jun-20 22:39:36

I have neighbours who have awful physical and verbal rows. According to neighbours who’ve lived here longer they’ve been doing it for 20 years. Do you know what I do when I can hear them at it? I call the police!

PrincessHoneysuckle Mon 01-Jun-20 22:39:50

If all that happened outside then imagine what's going on behind closed doors.You should have phoned the police straight away.

category12 Mon 01-Jun-20 22:44:03

Here you go, OP.

Dancingalong Mon 01-Jun-20 22:48:32

You definitely need to call the police. There was an incident with our neighbour a few weeks ago, I called the police, as did other neighbours. The next day I questioned myself about if I did the right thing.....and then considered if something worse happened and I didn’t call the police how would I feel. They had small children, we are all responsible for safeguarding.

PumpkinP Mon 01-Jun-20 22:50:46

Wow I’m not normally one to instantly jump on the call the police/ss but come on, how could you not in this situation?!?!

Dogladyxo Tue 02-Jun-20 01:13:41


hellena37 Tue 02-Jun-20 02:14:53

I dialled 999 when he locked her back in house but I could still see through the door which is all glass but then she ran out of the house with the little girl. and he followed her. So I stopped the call because there was no one in house and didn't want police turning up to an empty house.She returned a few minutes later and has been quiet. He seems to have won her by begging her. He is very big guy over 6ft and muscly. He smokes weed. He roared like a lion.
A few months ago my neighbours at the front got into a huge fight that also escalated outside, the guy was screaming that the woman had stabbed him and shouted at me to call police. I did. The guy ran off and I stayed with the woman until police turned up. She told me he had trashed the house and that it wasn't her that had stabbed him but he stabbed himself because she wanted to split up. They have two small kids too. The guy admitted to police he had stabbed himself with kitchen knife but wounds we superficial.
I am a single parent who moved here two years ago escaping domestic violence. All these neighbours fighting is very triggering for me. It ruined my day. So no, I wasn't enjoying watching a man beat his woman up.i froze somehow. It triggered the violence I have been through.
They have kissed and made up.

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hellena37 Tue 02-Jun-20 02:19:01

I somehow also thought, what's the point of ringing police if they will just get back together.? The neighbours at the front, the guy stabbed himself around his kids but she allowed him back with days. Some Women don't just leave these abusive men and we the neighbours have to deal with their daily fights.

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Monty27 Tue 02-Jun-20 02:19:20

It ruined your day
Good grief OP.
I have no words shock

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