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Is anyone else having a crisis of confidence over the lockdown easing?

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Earnsomething Fri 29-May-20 02:15:03

Lockdown has been fine for me. I've worked from home, it's been nice having DH and adult DC around more, have enjoyed the garden and local countryside. I feel very lucky.

However, I haven't heard much at all from friends. What little contact there has been has seemed all one way.

I know some of the single ones or ones with less easy home lives have been meeting up quietly, especially since we've been able to meet one other person. No one's ever suggested I meet up, but I haven't either and I'd put the lack of contact down to them knowing that I tend to be a rule follower and people prioritising those who needed the company most.

In normal times, we're a nice friendship group of about 16 people. Typically during the summer some of the group, depending on who's available, will be out doing something outdoorsy most weekends, so the easing to allow groups of 6 outdoors is excellent news for us, except I'm awake at 2am wondering if I'll make it into anyone's top six.

Usually I'm quite self sufficient and happy with my own company. It's fun to be part of the group but I don't normally rely on them emotionally, I have DH, a sister and one close friend outside of this group for that. I'm not especially close to anyone in the group but I think I'm a good friend when needed and I do a lot of the organising of events and trips, I'm the one they call if they need something practical doing but I know I'm not the most entertaining company. I think I have other qualities but I'm not going to be the one who has the group roaring with laughter.

I'm finding the whole thing is bothering me much more than it should.

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TheStoic Fri 29-May-20 05:52:37

No I’m not, but I completely understand. I think this situation has made me realise that there are few people I really do want to spend time with.

Do you really, genuinely care for these people as individuals? If so, get in first and do the organising.

Or could it be more about feeling like you SHOULD have a social group, and that there is something wrong with you if you don’t?

Earnsomething Fri 29-May-20 08:44:54

Yes, I think you probably have something there. I do genuinely like this group, and we've had some lovely times together, but I don't "need" them to be happy in my general life. I haven't been desperate to get the group back together but I don't like the idea of not being included when it is.

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