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Heartbroken / new relationship

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Whoknows38 Wed 27-May-20 18:29:25

Need advice on what to do. Split from partner (sometimes abusive) of 8 years just over a year ago. His choice. Timed really badly with family member dying and three failed ivf attempts (Male problem) I’m 42 and as a result I’m heartbroken still both because of the relationship ending, the bereavement and that I wasted 8 years that I could have got pregnant with someone else. I’m seeing a lovely guy now and I just find myself lying there and wishing it was my ex giving me a cuddle or whatever. I know I am so much better off now but I can’t seem to let go. Positive stories please to give me hope. Thank you 😊

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minielise Wed 27-May-20 22:04:47

It’s tough but it will get better. I’m planning on leaving once I’ve got everything sorted and it’s so hard because I get so angry thinking about how I’ve been treated over the years and I can’t wait for a fresh start. Then I remember all of the good things from and begin to justify his behaviour. I’m so torn about what to do and the hardest thing is that he’s the person I’m closest to in the world to speak to about all of this and I can’t!

TheTickingTime Wed 27-May-20 22:46:20

Take your time. You know you took the best decision for you. If you like the new man in your life is someone you really like, then things will fall I to place. Don't let regrets hold you back moving forward, the relationship came to an end for a good reason. You don't deserve abuse, and letting go of someone like that is hard, because they do mess with you, specially after they have left. It's the ifs and the whys. Just take things slow, take care, and treat yourself as you would your best friend

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