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Worst time to end it

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saffy1234 Wed 27-May-20 08:45:55

Hi I @needhandhold I'm in the same situation my husband walked out on me 4 weeks ago this Thursday,on my birthday.Ive found it very difficult especially with these circumstances xx

bumbleb33s Wed 27-May-20 07:04:11

Maybe flip it and think that this is the best time because at least you know he can’t be going out enjoying himself, meeting other women Etc; and by the time he can you will be further down the line and feel better?

madcatladyforever Wed 27-May-20 06:41:17

I'm so sorry for you. It will get better. Mine chose to leave three years ago when I was in hospital seriously ill having lost my job because of my illness and left me with no money or car or anything. I came out of hospital leased a car, found a fantastic job in a lovely part of the country and bought myself a lovely home. I couldn't be happier now and life is so much better without him. You can do this. Your life will also be better and it will all settle. This phase doesn't last. You have a new life waiting for you. You just need to tie up some loose ends.

footprintsintheslow Wed 27-May-20 06:35:54

That is so awful and I do think this is the worst time. Are you in England as things look to be easing for you there?
I would definitely go and visit friends and family in their gardens right now. You can socially distance whilst getting some support. Do you have people local?

needhandhold Wed 27-May-20 06:23:00

Does anybody else think that this is the worst possible time for a marriage to end? No easy access to friends/family for support? No easy way to rent somewhere else. Trapped indoors a lot. Can’t escape to the gym or on holiday. I feel really devastated that of any time in the last few years my husband has picked this time to end it. Not looking for advice. Just wanted a handhold really

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