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When you cancel plans, do you make an effort to rearrange them?

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Abbey245 Sun 24-May-20 14:37:36

I have a friend who is starting to annoy me. When we are together, we seem to get on well and have a good time but since the beginning of this year she has cancelled on me, or turned me down when i've suggested a catch up, a lot. The thing that annoys me is not so much the cancellations, life can be a bit crazy sometimes, but the fact that she never does anything to rearrange and I end up having to make the effort. If I was cancelling on someone, or even declining an invite to something, I would always offer up an alternative, even if it was a bit vague.

I'm actually wondering if I should be taking a hint that she doesn't want to spend time with me. So, if you had to cancel a (hypothetical) night out with a friend would you just say 'sorry i can't make it + reason' or would you add something along the lines of: 'but i'm free next Thursday so maybe we could do that instead'?

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Lonoxo Sun 24-May-20 21:28:48

It depends. If it’s a very busy period in life, it could be weeks or months before I have a window. If someone cancels on me, I leave the ball in their court to suggest the next catch-up.

Eslteacher06 Mon 25-May-20 10:00:27

I've had this. And it's usually the end of a friendship or you're moving in different directions. I'd focus on other friends for now

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