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How do you deal with not seeing DC?

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soontobesingleton Sun 24-May-20 11:30:32

Last night my husband told me he no longer loves me. He’s been miserable for over a year and we have had counselling but it hasn’t helped him so he wants to leave. I’m accepting it as I think I knew it was coming and I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t love me but it isn’t my choice (I'm oddly happy with us).
Does anyone have any tips on how I get my head round a life where my 4 year old isn’t with me, where he is with someone else for half the weekends Christmas birthdays etc? It’s breaking me to think of this.
My husband has a big family so when DC is with him it will be fun (cousins similar age and lots of aunts and uncles etc to help my husband) I’m scared DC will find me the boring parent and prefer OH and that I will struggle to cope with no support.
Even on the days without DC my husband is very popular so will be fine but I have no family or close friends and will be so lonely (I make acquaintances but struggle to make real friendships)

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