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dh lying again but am i over reacting?

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moljam Thu 20-Sep-07 12:24:56

i posted while ago about dh snogging girl infront of me and also lying about money,things are very very slowly getting ok again,so i thought.hes recently started new job driving taxis and i was worried as we live in small place so just said to put my mind at rest i would like to know if this girl goes in his taxi.this was couple of days i found out through a friend that the girl has been in his taxi on more than one occasion,nothing happened apparently and they werent alone but to me its another lie.he said she'd not been in his i over reacting?maybe i am???hmm

Tortington Thu 20-Sep-07 12:27:08

if you dont trust him leave.

you cannot possibly have a healthy relationship with someone you can't trust

if he lies - you must tell him that unless the truth will out from now on - perhaps witht he help of relate - then its time to cut your losses

dont waste your life on someone wo doesn't appreciate you.

GroaningGameGirly Thu 20-Sep-07 12:28:24

Custy speaks sense. You can't live your life feeling anxious about it all the time.

moljam Thu 20-Sep-07 12:28:32

do you have to pay for relate?

moljam Thu 20-Sep-07 12:28:42


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