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It's been 19 years and

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IdontUnderatand Mon 18-May-20 08:21:37

I'm hoping someone may have some insight as I just don't get it.

Going back 19 years I was in a relationship with a guy I really really liked. I was only young, but still, I really fell for him. We were together long 3 maybe 4 months.
I think at such a young age, I just fell head over heels like you do.
He broke up with me with no reason given. To this day, i don't know why he broke it off.

I was devastated and it sounds so bloody pathetic, but I never got over him properly. I still think about him all the time now!

Is this just a case of never having closure because of never knowing why it finished?

I've only ever had 4 other relationships (I'm still in one of those 4) and I always broke it off with the guys, so not sure whether it's a case of not being able to except rejection? Especially as I don't know why?
It's mental that I still think about my school crush on such a level and after 19 bloody years!!

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