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Can't work this out

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Unnamedguy Sun 17-May-20 03:22:35

So I've noticed over the past few months that my partners behaviour changes after drinks. If she has friends round she will be bright cheerful and have good fun and a good laugh. She'll keep going until everyone has left. However after that she never seems to be interested in me. She sits on sofa maybe finishes her drink and just goes to sleep no matter what time it is. When alone with me she just sits on her phone and I literally can't get a conversation out of her. Also when I see this I always make an effort to ask if she's ok and if there's anything on her mind. She hints to say yes there is but says no no matter how much I try comfort and ask her. This makes me feel terrible. She also usually starts to argue after drinks for no apparent reason and tends to get quit hurtful and personal

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Longsight2019 Sun 17-May-20 09:10:23

Which is the real her? Is she putting on a front to her friends and then reverting to type when alone with you?

I’d bet that your relationship is unbalanced. It doesn’t seem to be working for you. Time to have a plan.

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