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Snogging before sex

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Jollymollyx Wed 13-May-20 13:02:17

Random question for married couples with multiple kids. How often do you ‘snog’ I was just watching tv and there was a couple passionately snogging and I just realised we never do! Even sex is not much kissing like before, it’s just getting straight to it. I miss the passion feeling. Do most couples just get like this after kids or is it just us confused

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dementedma Wed 13-May-20 13:09:13

Cant answer as never do it!

pondypandy Wed 13-May-20 13:12:32

I never do., if i so much as put a hand on my husbands shoulder he gets notions. If i snogged him he'd assume i was up for it.

Baskininthegarden Wed 13-May-20 13:14:05

only during sex

Aria20 Wed 13-May-20 13:19:55

Lol not very often and not just randomly... either before or during sex but not every time. Married 10 years, together 13, 3 kids.... pre kids and marriage a lot more but we were much younger then.

ChampagneCommunist Wed 13-May-20 13:20:54

Same here. Miss the kissing

freesolo Wed 13-May-20 13:22:02

We snog a lot, we've been together for 2 years. I never, ever snogged my ex husband, even during sex.

MizMoonshine Wed 13-May-20 13:24:33

I never do., if i so much as put a hand on my husbands shoulder he gets notions. If i snogged him he'd assume i was up for it.

Bwahahaha. I love this.

I sometimes forget about "snogging" and then I suddenly remember and it becomes a thing for a few days. And then I forget again.

namechangedyorkshire Wed 13-May-20 13:31:12

Yes we usually do. Only times we dont is if he cuddles up to me in bed and starts fondling by boobs etc but we always kiss during. Other time is if he gives me a massage..usually his hands will stray a bit more when massaging my thighs and bum so not then either.

I dint worry but would if we never did

ErickBroch Wed 13-May-20 13:35:53

When we 'snog' that is basically leading to sex unless we can't for some reason! We have been together 4 years, so technically still early years I guess. We are very affectionate in that way

Aria2015 Wed 13-May-20 13:38:06

Always have a lot of snogging before sex and during sex. We don't really snog 'just because' any more though, it's nearly always just part of fore play / sex now (might have a cheeky snog on the rare occasions we go out for dinner and drinks).

AudHvamm Wed 13-May-20 13:43:24

Always before and during sex and regularly just because (not leading to sex). We’ve been together 11 years, married 3. Pregnant at the moment with first child so let’s see how it goes after that grin

SkinnywannabeKBH Wed 13-May-20 13:50:50

We take notions where we snog a lot before sex, during sex and after and we also would have a wee snog when OH comes in from work in the evenings. Sometimes we don't snog for weeks lol.
We have been together 20yrs, married 11yrs & have 2 young kids

NewLevelsOfTiredness Wed 13-May-20 13:53:56

My girlfriend and I have three kids - we kiss a lot. We're exhausted a lot and have limited opportunities for sex so it feels important to show a little passion in the meantime.

Occasionally even when we get a few moments alone she's exhausted (because... three kids) - I'd rather get a decent and enthusiastic kiss then than mediocre sex. As long as I feel there's still a flame there I'm happy. Very enthusiastic sex once a fortnight with a lot of kissing in the meantime seems a better deal than once a week with a sense of "oh well I guess we should do this...."

ESpressoNotEXpresso Wed 13-May-20 14:05:02

Not really the point of the thread, but just realised how unsexy the word 'snog' is confused

We kiss a lot, but we only 'snog' <<shudder>> before and during sex. It's the most sensual thing for me, so tbh I can't really do it unless we're able to have sex. Too frustrating wink grin

Again, going against the point of the thread, but does anyone still say 'get off with'? I suppose that was very 90's/early noughties!

NewLevelsOfTiredness Wed 13-May-20 14:12:33


Yes it was "get off with" when I was at school in the 90s!

I also chose to avoid the word 'snog' in my post before. Hate it!

Lailaloo747 Wed 13-May-20 14:16:08

The word ‘snog’ gives me the shivers....don’t know what it is about it but it just sounds gross confused

Anyway, me and DH love a good ‘snog’ AND we’ve perfected the art of quiet snogging grin

Herecomestreble1 Wed 13-May-20 14:20:59

DH and I snog all the bloody time 😂 usually with the exception of actual intercourse. Foreplay there's a lot of snogging too, but actual sex the positions we favour mean our mouths aren't usually close!

Biancadelrioisback Wed 13-May-20 14:25:10

Love a little snog session with DH.

daisyjgrey Wed 13-May-20 14:34:45


Snogging is excellent. (Although the word is horrid).

MulticolourMophead Wed 13-May-20 14:48:22

My ex wasn't much good at snogging. It could actually be unpleasant at times.

I'd love to meet someone good at the snogging bit, though.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Wed 13-May-20 15:03:15

Me and DH didn't really snog much, only during sex. Neither of us were really keen on snogging - he was pretty good at it (in my limited experience) but we both found it unhygienic! grin

AnxiousElephant77 Wed 13-May-20 15:05:33

We've been together 8 years and we kiss a lot, but only snog grin really if we're drunk confused or as foreplay or during sex. It's still delicious though.

SonjaMorgan Wed 13-May-20 15:11:48

It depends on the time of day. Definitely not first thing in the morning, my morning breath is enough to strip paint.

Footywife Wed 13-May-20 15:21:30

If you miss it then take the bull by the horns and do it. If nobody makes the effort them nobody can complain really.

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