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DH stressed - Has anyone recovered their marriage from this?

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Abitofhelplease Wed 13-May-20 09:26:46

We've been married over 30 years, late 50s, kids grown up.

Over the last year or so, DH has become stressed/suffering low and negative moods, irritability etc. He was in a pressured job which he left at Christmas, intending to take some time off and work part time self-employed. Covid means that can't happen, but luckily we are not under financial pressure.

We have tried to work through it, the health service has been hopeless, but I have supported him with resources I know about (I have had some training in managing mental health, much of it I use myself after also having worked in a high pressure environment).

But, this is now sucking me dry and he's not improving. Worse, I get the brunt of the negativity, irritability and, frankly, emotional abuse. I can't take any more and I've told him this, I can't be his only crutch any more.

He's very apologetic and says he'll change.

I've asked him to move out to sort himself out (this is possible, one of our DC has locked down with us which means their flat is free for him to go to).

Any advice? Especially if you've been through this yourself and resolved it.

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