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Partner left during corona virus

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headabovewaterjust Sat 09-May-20 20:31:36

I have been with my partner 7 years. We split about four years ago for 6 months but got back together, bought a house etc.
I have 2 kids and he has 1.
3 years ago I went to the Police to report historical child abuse.
It's been hell since, the CPS agreed to take my case to trial and I finally thought I would get justice. There have been so many hurdles since and the trial should have happened in April. Obviously it got cancelled because of the Corona virus and I found out this week that the defendant needs more medical tests as they are saying he may not be fit for trial.
During this time, I broke! I couldn't do my job anymore, something I was proud of and I gave up work. I was the breadwinner, I've always looked after and supported myself. My ex husband does nothing for the children and I put my trust in my partner to take care of us all.
I have had counselling and been referred again but I have days where the trauma is too much, I have night terrors but try so hard to keep going for my children.
Anyway, my partner has decided he can't take it anymore and left, he says the children don't like him and neither do I. He moved out this week, took his Xbox and it feels like he's just run into the distance !
I'm so angry, I trusted him and he's left, I don't have a job and feel like I've lost so much. The trial may now never happen! Some advice on picking myself up again and letting go of this anger would really help!!!

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SandyY2K Sat 09-May-20 22:52:34

So sorry you're going through this. Does your Ex H work? Can you goes through the CSA for child support?

Also contact your local authority regarding benefits.

It was probably too much for your DP to deal with emotionally and financially.

Did you discuss giving up work with him and him being 100% totally responsible for you and your DC? Did he agree to it.

It is quite stressful an all involved.

headabovewaterjust Sat 09-May-20 23:02:45

My ex doesn't 'work' and hasn't for years.

My partner was the one that pushed me to quit and said he would look after us. I think you're right about the responsibility and the pressure.

I feel like I am in the wrong for putting him through this.

I will have to look at what help I can get and then try and get back into a full time job again. I truly wish I had never gone to the Police!

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