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Advice ? Do I get rid of him for good?

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Jadie178 Sat 09-May-20 19:33:21

I feel so stupid even typing this but around a year and half ago I started texting this boy and he told me he liked me and wanted to start talking and we slept together and after we had sex I ask him about us talking and he just laughed it off. We continued texting/sexting for months and months I really enjoyed it at the start and it was just abit of fun but now feel as I have caught feelings for this boy I have become so obsessed with him I check his social media everyday like it’s the newspaper and my heart sinks when I see him like another girl post. I found out he was talking to another girl while still sexting me and I went crazy and he was saying sorry and begging me not to tell her. Then that girl didn’t last long and 3 weeks later he messaged me again and he was so nice to me I stupidly let him add me back on snapchat then it all started again he’ll tell me he wants to speak to me and after I make him * he doesn't text me again until he wants some more. I almost feel forced to send him things even if I’m not in the mood I still get up and do it because I want him to want me. After typing this out I realise how stupid and pathetic I sound I was in a similar relationship like this one 2 years ago and I promised myself I’d never do it to myself again it took me a long time to start loving myself I feel so bad to my past self for doing this again.. Do I block him off everything and ghost? In way i don’t want to block him on Instagram because I want him to see what he’s missing and proper glow up. Or do I tell him I’m seeing someone when he messages again?

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helpmum2003 Sat 09-May-20 19:37:35

Block him and maybe have some time single to think about what you really want.

YakkityYakYakYak Sat 09-May-20 19:41:12

You should read the book ‘he’s just not that into you’, really changed my perspective on relationships. If he really liked you he would be putting all of his effort into a relationship with you. Don’t waste your time with someone who is lukewarm about you, it will not end well and it’s terrible for the self esteem. Find someone who is 100% certain about you.

And don’t stay connected on social media so he can see you ‘glow up’. That’s not really moving on is it. If you’re going to make changes in your life, do it for yourself.

Jadie178 Sat 09-May-20 20:01:46

I’ve just downloaded on kindle. Thankyou!

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YakkityYakYakYak Sat 09-May-20 21:59:44

That’s great! Hope you enjoy.

Opaljewel Sat 09-May-20 23:23:05

He sounds like a usual fuck boy. My love don't accept scraps from idiots who are using you. Don't you see you are worth more than that??? Are you young? I don't want to sound rude but you sound young. You've said that this happened in your previous relationship. So I think it's time you drew your boundaries in and realise what you do and don't want. If any guy crosses those boundaries then they aren't for you. What did you learn about relationships growing up? I can't imagine this guy has done a right lot for your self esteem. Block him on everything as whilst you are still stalking his social media, it's like reopening an old wound everyday and you're not letting yourself heal from him.

Jadie178 Sat 09-May-20 23:34:51

Thankyou so much for that I really need that!! And Yes I’m only 20! I’ve blocked him and all his friends off everything’s and I feel so much better😊

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NoMoreDickheads Sun 10-May-20 01:15:19

Block him on everything.

There was also a film of 'he's just not that into you.' Think it was ok.

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