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Hook ups and guys feelings

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misscs Sat 09-May-20 18:51:21

Can hooks ups be done without feelings or long term. Do feelings happen?

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Thingsdogetbetter Sat 09-May-20 18:58:03

Yes and yes. And yes sometimes.

ComtesseDeSpair Sat 09-May-20 19:00:46

Some people can do it, others can’t. If you know you’re somebody who tends to fall in love easily and can’t compartmentalise sex then it probably won’t work for you.

I have a couple of FWBs I’ve had for several years - we are friends who care for each other and like each other’s company but we’ve never developed “feelings” in the sense of falling in love with each other or wanting to be a couple.

HonestOpinion10 Sat 09-May-20 21:11:38

Anything can happen but if someone made it clear that its just a fwb arrangement then that should be all that is expected from them.

rvby Sat 09-May-20 21:32:18

Hookups end in all manner of ways. Some women develop feelings, some men do, equally both men and women may develop no feelings at all.

Is there a specific scenario you are wondering about?

MrShyGuy Sat 09-May-20 21:35:45

It only happens when u desperate.

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