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EA Ex behaving like a narcissist - words of wise women please?

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Daiquiri32 Mon 04-May-20 14:13:54

Hiya all.

Looking for support from mums who have been there.

Got out of bad relationship and in a battle about contact with our toddler daughter.

I want to protect my child. Looking for a support network of people who understand this situation.

can't take another friend who say's ''can't you just have a discussion with him...''

don't want to post publicly - is there a private messaging option on here?? Or any private forums / support groups?

Thank you,


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FortunesFave Mon 04-May-20 15:30:26

You can use this area of Mumsnet and it's not visible to search engines and the thread titles are not shown either.

You can also message individuals ...example, if you wanted to message me there should be a little blue option above this post saying "Message poster" and you can send me a private message.

Do you want to? I don't mind. I have no legal knowledge but some experience with narcissists.

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