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Sign of cheating to suddenly want to do something new in bed

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listentoesther Mon 04-May-20 02:06:57

I’ve just posted another thread but this is a different issue. Me and my now ex boyfriend had pretty much the same sex life for four years, not boring or bad but stuck to the same positions as most people do. Then out of nowhere he suddenly wanted to go down on me all the time (sorry if tmi), like more than sex itself, he had never previously suggested this but then became very keen. I have since then found messages on his phone to women from when he was abroad on work trips, he maintains he did not actually sleep with any of them but I have a gut feeling that he did. Was this sudden desire to go down on me a sign that he had done it with someone else? Otherwise where did it come from so suddenly? Sorry I know nobody can give me a solid answer but just interested in thoughts.

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Isitsixoclockalready Mon 04-May-20 04:44:57

Wanting to do something different in bed wouldn't necessarily be suspicious but I would be concerned more about messages with other women, depending of course on the content of said messages.

theneighbourswindchime Mon 04-May-20 04:53:32

I think it would be suspicious,
Like he has been taught a new 'trick' and wants to show it off.

CurlyMess Mon 04-May-20 04:59:30

I don't think the fact he wants to try new positions means he's cheated. He could have even seen something whilst watching porn whilst away on work trips.
However I would be more concerned about the messages and what they said then they new position.

Porridgeoat Mon 04-May-20 05:13:16

It’s natural to want to try new things if mundane.

What were the texts.

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