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Still in love with my ex! Help!!

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Cirmhor13 Sun 26-Apr-20 18:19:56

So my ex walked out on me and our kids last July after a 24 year relationship. I had suspected she was cheating and had a history of it throughout our time together. Im a trans woman and altnough she knew throughout the entire relationship i only came out publicly 4 years ago! This was her reason for leaving!
Anyway the problem is im still deeply in love with her but she has had several bfs since the split. I care alot about her and worry endlessly. How can i break free of my feelings for her. I cant expect to find someone new if im still feeling for my ex 😕 Any advice greatly appreciated.

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RLEOM Mon 27-Apr-20 10:40:02

It's normal to grieve over the breakdown of a relationship, especially when you've been together as long as you had.

It's cliche but getting yourself back out there really does help. Create new memories to replace the old ones.

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