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hooked to rude talk with stranger in chat room

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nuttyworkingmum Sat 15-Sep-07 16:19:47

Ok, I`m probably going to get a hammering for this but here goes: I am in a 7yr relationship with a lovely partnerwho I know I love him very much and he respects me and is very kind and caring. But I have started to talk to other men and women in chat rooms firstly for a laugh and to make friends. But have started rude talk with 1 man and really get turned on by it. I feel very guilty but it has seemed to have spiced things up with my home relationship and now i wonder if he knows whats going on. Am I doing a really bad thing, should i stop b4 it gets worse!! I would never give away any secrets or personal info to anybody what I`m doing feels so naughty and nice!!!
I love my man and he would b upset if he knew. I am v surprised by the amount of married men on these chatrooms who do the same and their partners don`t know anything.
Are there any other mums out there doing the same thing??

tiredemma Sat 15-Sep-07 16:20:21


FluffyMummy123 Sat 15-Sep-07 16:21:22

Message withdrawn

JeremyVile Sat 15-Sep-07 16:21:32

Just ask yourself how you'd feel if it was you're DP doing what you are - that should give you the answer.

TequilaMockinBird Sat 15-Sep-07 16:21:57!

Surfermum Sat 15-Sep-07 16:22:25

Not me.

JeremyVile Sat 15-Sep-07 16:22:54

Oh...and, NO!

Nbg Sat 15-Sep-07 16:27:48

No and what JV said.

LadyTophamHatt Sat 15-Sep-07 16:30:34


nuttyworkingmum Sat 15-Sep-07 16:30:35

ok I know its bad now how do i stop it pls any ideas!!

tiredemma Sat 15-Sep-07 16:31:08

just dont log in would be a good bet

themoon66 Sat 15-Sep-07 16:32:37

Just don't go to the chatrooms.

AbRoller Sat 15-Sep-07 16:32:55

You asked..."Am I doing a really bad thing"

Then..."I love my man and he would b upset if he knew"......that's your answer!

Oh and no I'm not doing that.

nuttyworkingmum Sat 15-Sep-07 16:33:04

The only prob is it`s like when u first go on some dates and u get that really nice feeling i guess i was missing that so hence why i did it.

nuttyworkingmum Sat 15-Sep-07 16:35:41

so if my man did`nt mind it would b ok???
mmmm maybe he won`t mind !! ha who am i kidding

tiredemma Sat 15-Sep-07 16:35:44

How is chatting to some random on the net ( who is probably fat, balding and smelly) comparable with going on a first date?

themoon66 Sat 15-Sep-07 16:36:08

Yes, I can imagine it is quite a nice flirty feeling etc, but how would you feel if you found out your DH was doing it too?

And I can also imagine you will soon get bored anyway with it. The blokes you are chatting with are probably fat balding and smelly types who cannot get a date with a real woman.

You will feel ashamed and sordid if you carry on, I'll be bound.

themoon66 Sat 15-Sep-07 16:37:00

ahaha... cross post..... 'fat balding and smelly'


nuttyworkingmum Sat 15-Sep-07 16:37:24

they must of borrowed some other guys photos then!! and the feeling of meeting someone new , the mystery and the sex!!!

Carmenere Sat 15-Sep-07 16:37:46

OFGS, how do I stop it???hmm It is tacky and disloyal and your dp would more than likely be upset. Reach deep down within yourself and find the strenght not to log on to the crummy chat room.

tiredemma Sat 15-Sep-07 16:38:16

You want to meet up with this man for sex??

or he makes you want to have sex with your Dp?

Carmenere Sat 15-Sep-07 16:38:56

I'm sorry nuttymum but you sound a bit sad, have some self respect.

nuttyworkingmum Sat 15-Sep-07 16:39:22

u are all right i would be upset if he was doing it as well!!
and the imagination works wonders, i suppose its just a fantasy game on my own instead of with my boyfriend!!

nuttyworkingmum Sat 15-Sep-07 16:41:32

I have some self respect thanks, least i`m not wanting to go out and physically have sex withsome one else. Why can`t a girl enjoy herself don`t people fantasise when they are having sex or touching themselves.

tiredemma Sat 15-Sep-07 16:42:46

Are you fantasising about having online sex chatter or actually participating in it?

If its the latter- it is disrespectful to your partner. just my opinion- and you did ask.

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