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One for the boys ...

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forestfern Fri 14-Sep-07 00:04:17

One for the boys …

Boys become men. Both boys and men father children. Hence you are here.

We have had many posting from women upset by male leanings towards “solo sex”. Pornography! “Personal dances” … Soft is unlikely to cause problems - we mean “hard core“. “It is ok - but not too much” is the general feeling. “Not in front of the kids” … “where they might find it” .. . and so on. There have also been postings form tired women fed up with the sexual demands of their mates. Where do the two lines cross?

Rome fell…


Issues of hurt/disloyalty/infidelity are evident. That is another story.

Let us say that sex and love separate for a moment. What happens for those men where “solo sex” becomes a preference for “real sex”? Let us say that their partner is still attractive - otherwise the answer is obvious.

Is it laziness? Is it addiction to an ever-increasing “high” of sexual release? Does that lead dangerously into the territory of perversion? Escalation? Is it “fanny envy” - should there be such a thing? A fear of female sexual power? Rejection. Is it insecurity? Macho world giving them an empowering solution? “Sharing” with friends. How can a fully heterosexual man share his sexuality with other males?? Is it latent homosexuality/bisexuality … viewing such allowing them to have this. Threesomes … two men/one woman? Despite claims of two women/one man … much of porn is the other way round?

Why is it that some men are so eager for the real thing and that others become to even “prefer” solo sex? This is something that I cannot understand. In reality - it will be the real problem for the women who have posted.

They will be distressed at the infidelity - as many women are - and maybe seek revenge with the muscular gardener or the closet equivalent - but it is those who know that the “solo” wins over them that will be the most upset. Since it cannot be changed.

There are ever-increasing ways to both entrap the male of this sort and to hide his actions. Or is it that women are still having the final laugh? Getting the money .. without the house and car … and also now wrecking families? The internet is certainly a large part of this.

Is this kind of male perhaps one liking secret fruits? Too keen to sever an umbilical cord that they cannot break? Too restricted in life?

Men. What is your angle?

Prefer to keep trying to bed the maid? If so ,why? For you the fantasy world is nowhere near as good as the flesh? Good for you! Be lucky and do not demand too much … and you will catch some of these lonely hearts. Perhaps you are the truly sensual ones. The good lovers.

Bravehearts will reply. This is not a site for social politics. Nobody know who we are?

Tell us why the lovers are the lovers … or are they simply the ones who know how to get it?

Tortington Fri 14-Sep-07 01:10:52

it must be late becuase i dont understand the men.

am i right in thinking thT YOUR ASKING why men wank to porn - regularly?....

they arn;t the only wankers in the human species let me remind you.

i would at a guess reckon that for prolific repeat porn abusers - its an addiction.

for the not so prolific - its a quick release without the complications that having sex with your partner can entail.

whiskeyandbeer Fri 14-Sep-07 11:53:33

why not just ask the simple question rather than typing it in the form of a pseudo-intellectual monologue?

HappyDaddy Fri 14-Sep-07 12:15:21

Is there a point in there, somewhere?

Anniegetyourgun Fri 14-Sep-07 14:40:34

Is this an advertisement for something?

*wanders off scratching head*

sleepfinder Fri 14-Sep-07 16:07:21

to OP

oh do shut up...

weebleswobble Fri 14-Sep-07 16:10:02

ummmmm wtf is that -all-- about I need a lie down.

MascaraOHara Fri 14-Sep-07 16:11:30

I'd say that was a load of wank to be fair.

lulabelle Fri 14-Sep-07 16:48:49

what on earth?????

UnquietDad Fri 14-Sep-07 16:49:21

Research for an article, perchance?

DaDaDa Fri 14-Sep-07 17:18:08

I think that perhaps English is not forestfern's first language.

Brevity is a virtue. smile

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