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Moving in

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nex18 Fri 10-Apr-20 01:05:53

Just musing it over in my mind, partly due to lockdown separation. I’ve been with my boyfriend 2 years, we live separately, we both have teenagers at home. Living together has never been discussed, it’s not at all practical at this stage. But I suppose it’s always been a thought at the back of my mind that maybe we’ll move in together when all the kids have finished school. The more I have considered it, I have realised that it’s very likely one or all of them will want to stay living at home as young adults. They would be too old for bunk beds, we’d need a mansion!
So what I am wondering is has anyone moved in together, blended a family, when the children are in fact young adults? And how did that work?

FortunesFave Fri 10-Apr-20 01:25:33

Do you own or rent? If you both own, the solution would be to both sell and then buy a larger house together.

FabbyChix Fri 10-Apr-20 01:57:11

The financial set up will be a nightmare although my ex husband moved into my social housing house with my two kids and just paid 100 a week. That was 15 year ago. I did not want him to bear any cost of my kids. For me he had to cover himself and it was my house. They do things different now though. I’d never move into someone’s house though I’d want to be secure and not be vulnerable to be asked to leave.

nex18 Fri 10-Apr-20 10:15:59

As I said I am musing rather than this being a plan but if we did ever make this step it would probably be a new home not moving into either of our existing homes.
I was more wondering about the emotional side of adult “step siblings” living together. Does anyone have any experience as either parent or child? Actually I gained step siblings as an adult but we were all mid to late 20’s and none of us lived at home. We’ve all lived temporarily with our parents for very short spells but never at the same time!

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