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Anyone feeling lonely as B/H approaches

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sugarlost Thu 09-Apr-20 19:06:47


I live alone and am lucky I have a job which keeps me busy. I'm starting to feel lonely as B/H approaches. I can hear both sets of neighbors with their families and flat shares laughing, singing which is nice.

I have planned phone calls this weekend but if I could go to sleep and wake up on Tuesday I'd prefer it. I will keep myself busy if I can keep the motivation.

I will get out but it's funny how you reflect in situations like your life is. I feel surrounded by families and and again this makes me think how things could have been. I'm aware not everyone is happy but those who are how I'd like to experience that.

I'm lucky in many ways and I do enjoy my own company. Lockdown is temporary but it's making me think.

Anyone else feel the same?

Olive122 Thu 09-Apr-20 19:57:02

I live alone and have been on furlough leave for the past 2 weeks so I know how you’re feeling.

I’m an introvert so am happy with my own company most of the time but I never realised how much I would miss being around other people at work, being able to have a wander around the shops, have lunch out or meet up with friends.

I have found that keeping in contact with friends and family helps, as does having a list of little projects to keep yourself busy, getting out for a walk in the sun and planning in some things you enjoy. I’ve found that on days where I’ve just sat watching tv in my pyjamas I feel quite down and anxious.

However I know that friends with families at home are having their own struggles so I guess everyone is affected in their own way.

kindlebooks Thu 09-Apr-20 20:19:38

I'm single and live alone.

I'm counting my blessings that I have a job I can do from home.

Having time off though has made me reflect and I've felt quite lonely on occasions. When we are back to normal I am going to try and get out more and be more sociable although I am quite introverted.

I find having a routine and getting out once a day for a walk helps.

Stronger76 Thu 09-Apr-20 20:37:45

I'm single and have 2 reclusive teens that are hardly out of their rooms. My job is safe but I have almost nothing to do at home, I have zero interaction with colleagues. I miss company, eye rolls, the odd ffs across the office.

chockaholic72 Thu 09-Apr-20 20:56:53

Another one here - committed introvert, single dweller, and struggling sometimes. I don’t have parents or kids or a spouse and it’s the first time I’ve really thought that the way I live isn’t particularly healthy. I’m still working and my job is secure but when the odd video conference gets on to none work topics I could almost cry with relief.
I registered with OLD last week. I’ve already been ghosted (!) once and I know I’m not a spring chicken at 47 but I’m going to try and stick at it, despite my reservations, as it would be nice to share a pillow on the odd occasion when all this is finally over.

Blinkingecksake Thu 09-Apr-20 21:00:45

I normally really relish my own company, kids at home but teenagers mainly so not too much interaction! Don’t live with boyfriend who is being a little too matter of fact about it all. However, novelty wearing off now and yes definitely starting to feel lonely. Am trying to keep up with regular video chats with friends but hard to keep being positive.

Agree that this time makes us very reflective. We were dog walking when the 8pm clap was on and I felt a real pang at all the families coming out together and chatting to each other. But I’ve also started making a positives list and trying to focus on that too. I have no wise words other than to say you’re not alone, I think a lot of us will come out with slightly altered perspectives. Perhaps give yourself little projects, sign up to online pub quizzes etc. Be curious to see others suggestions too!

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