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Am I allowed to visit my family on Easter Sunday?

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LidiaM Thu 09-Apr-20 09:52:42

hi guys,

I live 30 mins drive from my parents who are in their mid 40s, they also live with my younger brother. We are normally very close and we havents seen eachother in about a month (since law have suggested that we should stay at home)

We stay at home, my husband goes shopping once every 2 weeks, my baby who is 8 months old havent been out for the last month.

We understand the risk of going out and we even stopped walking together or exercising...
I am wondering if in UK we are allowed to visit my family on Easter Sunday?
I am asking because I know they are safe,
we arent sick either.

I am very annoyed because I have friends who visit their families or siblings who they not live with all the fricking time and I am sticking to this quarantine but a little bit fed up now knowing that peope still visit their families and I havent,

I really want tl go to see them on Sunday, what you guys think?

NurseJaques Thu 09-Apr-20 09:53:19


Blizy Thu 09-Apr-20 09:53:23


Dementedswan Thu 09-Apr-20 09:53:35

No. The rules are clear.

corabel Thu 09-Apr-20 09:53:33


Bridecilla Thu 09-Apr-20 09:53:44


BlessedBeTheFruitCake Thu 09-Apr-20 09:53:59


4amWitchingHour Thu 09-Apr-20 09:54:16


Mumdiva99 Thu 09-Apr-20 09:54:26

Errr No. (is this a joke?)

Bridecilla Thu 09-Apr-20 09:54:29

Anyone else reading these and now just assuming that the OP is taking the piss?

thethoughtfox Thu 09-Apr-20 09:54:36

Do you really need to ask? Part of our wider family did lots of mixing and a grandfather has just died.

DrWAnker Thu 09-Apr-20 09:54:54

It isn't essential travel. Video call them or talk on the phone.
I'm being very kind to you, you're going to get roasted.

LidiaM Thu 09-Apr-20 09:55:10

okay guys, I thought that maybe they were saying that we can ...
thank you 🌹🌹
I will stick to the garden x

BananaPlant Thu 09-Apr-20 09:55:23

No. You can’t mix households.

You can walk with your DH as a family, I don’t know why you’ve stopped doing that.

YinuCeatleAyru Thu 09-Apr-20 09:55:56


wowfudge Thu 09-Apr-20 09:55:59

Why have you stopped walking together or exercising? No reason for you to stop either of those activities. Better to do that than go against the restrictions and visit your family. Face time/video call/zoom them instead if you want to see them.

Sounsociable Thu 09-Apr-20 09:56:00

I think you should stick with what you're currently doing, zoom or facetime your family but not visit.
The lockdown rules havent changed and the restriction still stands - only leave the house for essential reasons.

OldUnit Thu 09-Apr-20 09:56:04

We're ALL making sacrifices. (Mainly)


Parker231 Thu 09-Apr-20 09:56:06

Why do you think the regulations have changed for Easter? The lockdown is likely to be in place for a long while to come

Ostanovka Thu 09-Apr-20 09:56:11

No! All of us would like to go out, but we can't. It isn't a suggestion to stay home, it's an order.

mateysmum Thu 09-Apr-20 09:57:04

Sorry to sound harsh but.....How many times do you have to hear it?


Tell your selfish, covidiot friends to stay home too. Why the fuck should me and mine pay the price for their stupidity. They would no longer be my friends having shown their true colours.

LidiaM Thu 09-Apr-20 09:57:28

@wowfudge I thought that this wasnt as important to keep doing and while being outside where other people are there would be risk x

JudgeRindersMinder Thu 09-Apr-20 09:57:37

At least you’re taking the advice on board OP. I think there’s going to be a huge spike in cases following the Easter weekend as people are going to think “just this once” won’t matter

Sounsociable Thu 09-Apr-20 09:57:55

okay guys, I thought that maybe they were saying that we can ...

What made you think this?

Daisiest Thu 09-Apr-20 09:57:59

Who is saying that we can?

Definitely not.

If anyone has been to the shops, had post or deliveries etc you've no way of knowing if you've contracted it or not.

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