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I know I'm ungrateful but...

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DoItAgain Tue 11-Sep-07 13:30:07

I'm worrying about what people will buy my kids this christmas.

They always end up with TONS on presents, the majority of which they don't bother with.

I am trying to think very carefully about what to get them this year as I have just thrown away a load of unused toys from last year, we only have a small house and toys take over it.

My ex's mum always buys them TONS AND TONS of presents, I know it sounds awful but she doesnt put any thought into it, she just buys whatever is in the sales...she thinks that the more she can get them the better but we end of with loads of stuff that wont get used. Last year for instance she bought my DS (7) a HUGE thomas the tank engine railway was quite babyish and far too big for our living room so its never been played with, he has this huge box taking up half of his bedroom instead.

She bought my 9 year old tons of hotwheel sets but he's never liked cars. Honestly, last year she spend £200 on each of them and really bought nothing that they would play with.

My DP is the same, he goes out and buys huge presents that he would've liked as a kid so again its cars, trains kids dont play with stuff like that! They have 3 scalextric sets...none of which they play with yet DP insisted on buying them one of those huge digital ones for over £150 last christmas and again its too big for the living room and the kids just arnt interested.

Does anyone see where I'm coming from or am I being horrible and ungrateful?

lulabelle Tue 11-Sep-07 13:34:27

I totally agree...I hate finding places to put them away, I get rid of loads before birthdays and christmas and the space is lovely, then its all filled back up again!! It does make you feel bad when you think some children have nothing, but it has made my kids not appreciate anything, they don't look after things because they are never around for long!! My DC's are the only 'babies' on my side of the family so they are totally over spoilt. We also have ones that go for quantity rather than quality, DS1 could have nintendo games but my aunt says, they don't look much when they are wrapped up!! They go for the biggest things they can find for the money!

hanaflower Tue 11-Sep-07 13:38:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DoItAgain Tue 11-Sep-07 13:43:19

Exactly, the panto would be lovely...
If she bought them a couple of xbox 360 games they would appretiate them much more than hordes of toys that they don't want. She also tends to go for quite babyish stuff because her only other grandson has special needs and is quite babyish in what he likes to play with so she is used to buying babyish stuff whereas my two are quite mature for their age.

I might try the christmas list though!

BettySpaghetti Tue 11-Sep-07 13:44:56

IME you are unlikey to persuade them to spend less so maybe you coulkd suggest something more "useful".

Could you make suggestions for things like cinema vouchers that could be used all year round?
Or swimming passes?

Or a number of sessions of a sports/arts activity that they are interested in taking up?

Or that they open a savings account for them instead?

Soberandsad Tue 11-Sep-07 13:47:56

I agree completely, you end up throwing away a hell of a lot of money.

For my ds birthday this year i asked everyone to club together to get him a wii rather than coming up with lots of smaller ideas and he was thrilled even though he only got a few pressie's rather than lots of wee things. So that could be another idea.

duke748 Tue 11-Sep-07 13:55:57


I can see how this would be a big problem.

When I buy presents for my best friend's gorgeous little girl (aged 2) I always ask her Mum what she would like.

Last birthday I got her some vouchers for Monsoon so her mum could buy her some clothes in the sale.

It was a bit of a shame she couldn't open it and be amazed and give me a great big hug, but you give to be good to the other person, not to make yourself feel good.

On the same birthday I got her a musical birthday card that she played with until the batteries ran out and I presume is now in the bin.

Maybe they could do something like that, a cheap, small present to open and play with and one of the other good suggestions that people have come up with as a main present? That way everyone is happy?

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