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7 weeks into no contact and sods law... Covid-19!

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JamesySpool Thu 26-Mar-20 16:55:40

Hi guys I posted on here about a month ago. Currently into my 7th week of no contact and was keeping my mind occupied as much as possible. Long dog walks, going out with friends, working a few extra shifts here and there. This lockdown is starting to on some occasions throw me back to feeling like its day one as well as giving me thoughts of should I contact her? Her Dad has terminal illness so will be on the governments list of the most vulnerable so thats playing on my mind too. I absolutely don’t want to break no contact. I’m still not 100% whether I can keep that permanent forever but that was something I was of course working on on a day to day basis to get to that 100%. Any tips for trying to make this time pass? I know we are not sure whether we are going to be locked down for 3 weeks, 3 month, longer! But thought maybe some people out there may have had similar breakups which has caused them to have more thinking time in life than some others will have had?

Glitterb Thu 26-Mar-20 16:57:20

Don’t contact her

What do you hope to achieve from getting in contact?

Fairycake2 Thu 26-Mar-20 19:40:49

Try to still keep busy, just in isolation friendly ways. Watch a film, facetime a friend, do an online quiz, read a book, watch funny memes on the internet, do some gardening, wash the car

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