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Binational relationship (British-German)

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fidi Fri 07-Sep-07 09:15:09

Hello everyone!

Does anybody of you have had experiences with British-German relationships?

Espcecially culturell differences, education...

I live in Germany and have a brand new relationship with a Briton. Though he has lived here for 14 years there might be some useful hints...

Thank you very much in advance!!

RuthChan Sat 08-Sep-07 01:28:06

I don't know about British-German relationships, but I'm British and my husband is Japanese. We live in Japan.
I have one piece of advice for you above all others...
Talk, talk and talk some more.
You need to be honest and open about whatever bothers you, upsets you or that you find strange or alien.
Things that seem normal to one often seem completely bizarre to the other.This can cause real problems unless you explain your points of view to each other honestly.
By doing that you can learn to understand each other on a deeper level and can have an open, honest and loving relationship.
Mixed language, culture and country relationships are hard work but are also interesting and rewarding.
Good luck!! smile

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