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Anyone else resisting the urge to contact?

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SingleSidedShoulderShrug Fri 14-Feb-20 22:26:34

Background: had a huge argument with DH and I ended up at my mums because he needs space (I tried to kill myself, it wasn't a cry for help it was a real attempt). We haven't spoken on the phone since Thursday last week. We've texted once or twice this week

He needs 'space' and I'm beside myself. I've sent a few messages today and they've been roundly ignored. I have now made my position clear. I will not be contacting him again. It is going to be 100% down to him now.

I'm going to be here until the 28th of feb and then I'm going home. I want to go now but I can't really I need to be around people due to my mental health, but I'm going home on the 28th.

So, anyone else here fighting the urge to text anyone? I'm tempted to take my Facebook account Down so I can't message him or watch his page, I've turned off notifications from him on Facebook, WhatsApp and messages. I need to do something to keep myself busy and I'm so shit at that.

Unsureconfused46 Fri 14-Feb-20 22:40:06

Hi OP, sorry for what you're going through. Don't text him or contact him although I know the temptation is hard! Its good you have the support of your mum.

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