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Have I fell out of love?

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Mumoftwox Fri 14-Feb-20 19:48:00

Me and my partner have 3 kids together DS 7, DD 5 & DS 9 months and been together for 9 years. I feel purely responsible for everything and it's making me resent him every day. I am in my 3rd year at university so I get SASS I also get PIP as I am disabled. My partner works part time for a delivery company and usually works sat 7-7 sun 6-6. So he was only making about £150 pw and with 3 kids and Bill's to pay it doesnt really add up to much. I pay for every part of 3 kids clothes shoes etc he just contributes towards Bill's and now owes me £300. I am struggling trying to study so I can can have a good career so my kids can have a good life. He has now took on shifts wed-thirsday 5PM-9pm after loads of arguing and moaning from me. I do the majority of cleaning etc in the house and I just feel I have had enough. Each time I bring it up about the responsibility not being shared he just says am moaning. He doesnt seem to care about out childrens future and I'm really starting to look at him and think I dont like the person you are anymore!! Help

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