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Masturbation (shhhh). Does everyone do it?

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FunAndFrolics Thu 30-Sep-04 22:06:25

I have to ask. I am interested. I always thought everyone did it (I do).
I have been with dh for 10 years and am still not convinced he does. It is the only topic that we have never discussed. I am sure (ok, I know) that he doesn't think I do!
Does he?
Do you?
(It was a PART of my previous relationship, but with dh it has never 'cropped up')

bigears Thu 30-Sep-04 22:08:25

of corse

blossomhill Thu 30-Sep-04 22:09:00

Is this the week to cover/find out every single detail you can about every mumsnetter? Some of the questions, especially this one and "how many bowel movements do you have?" are really bad taste. It's the sort of thing you would find on a teenage forum! Not impressed!

bigears Thu 30-Sep-04 22:10:42

lighten up, if you don't like it, don't read it. couldn't everyone do with a bit of a giggle

blossomhill Thu 30-Sep-04 22:11:19


FunAndFrolics Thu 30-Sep-04 22:15:01

Didn't mean to offend. I talk about things on Mumsnet that I can't even talk about with my friends. Things that are on my mind and that sometimes bother me. It is nice to have people that (given the fact that we dont' know who each other are) are prepared to share experiences, to hekp others.
You didn't have to click on my message if it was something that you are not interested in or offended you.

blossomhill Thu 30-Sep-04 22:19:15

Funandfrolics - no you didn't offend. I just don't think dh would be too impressed if I discussed things like that about him. I am open mided by the way. I just do like to keep some things that are very personal, personal. That's me, of course everyone is different and that's what makes the world go around.
I will admit I thought the "how many bowle movements?" thread was just bottom of the barrel (literally )

Thomcat Thu 30-Sep-04 22:21:29

Everyone i know does it! It's healty and nutural.It can be private and therfore kept hidden from partners, it can be a very personal thing, or it can sometimes be part of foreplay.

And by the way I couldn't give a toss if you're a troll, it's a conversation I don't mind having! Not that I have much more to say on the subject.

millipede Thu 30-Sep-04 22:23:06

Blossomhill...if you don't like the subject, don't click on it! The whole point of mumsnet is to be a free and open forum.

misdee Thu 30-Sep-04 22:24:14

1st of all, dont gang up on BH. 2nd of all, maybe i do, maybe i dont

Skate Thu 30-Sep-04 22:24:35

Any bloke that says he doesn't is just lying IMO.

Same goes for porn.

cuppy Thu 30-Sep-04 22:26:22

I don't actually. I find it quite boring. Much more fun with DH's help.

FunAndFrolics Thu 30-Sep-04 22:27:51

I'm not a troll... just a regular poster who's changed her name and who's accidentally stirred things up a bit.
I have a few questions inside me that I've always wanted to know answers/get views on, but am too conservative to post on.
Guess I won't post again. I remember now why I am a bit conservative!
BTW dh probably wouldn't give a doo-daa about this post and just laugh at what I have just written. It might even open up a discussion/long-overdue debate between us.

bigears Thu 30-Sep-04 22:27:54

it's not going to turn into a get at blossom thread but BH, the bowel thread was started as a complete joke I believe

cuppy Thu 30-Sep-04 22:30:27

Why is the word troll being mentioned on most threads now?

mummylove Thu 30-Sep-04 22:30:34


this is a funny subject, i can talk openly about it with 25% of my friends, 50% get embarrased and the remaining 25% i would not even dare ask them.

i do and have since about 16 and when i first worked it out i was like "wow, i can make my body do this - thank you god! - free self pleasure"

since then i do it to help myself go to sleep, ease period pains, boredom and for pure sexual pleasure whether my i do it alone, with my partner or we do each other (excuse the do's)

you are not alone!

my record is 5 times in a row!!!

its not dirty or wrong, all of our bodies are capable of this and its something just for you as an individual to enjoy and with your partner.

i have always been open about it to my partner and ex's, in fact they asked as soon as we got down to it... cant imagine it not being part of my sexual experiences.

orgasms.... masturbatiob was the only way i could acheive orgasm until i met my dh - he is very proud to be the only person to make me orgasm through sex.

would you not like to talk to you partner about it. it could open up a new sexual world for you too.

when my partner and i are too tired to have sex... (quite often) we lie in bed and masterbate ourselves whilst making up a raunchy story, we say a few lines each... its fun!

blossomhill Thu 30-Sep-04 22:31:16

Okay I need to lighten up a bit. Point taken
Thanks misdee for sticking up for me, really sweet of you!

blossomhill Thu 30-Sep-04 22:31:42

BTW I didn't mention the word troll, honest!

millipede Thu 30-Sep-04 22:34:59

Don't you dare not post again! You have the right to ask any question you like, as do we all. This is a great forum for asking these questions - after all, masturbation's hardly the subject for the PTA coffee morning, is it.

Or maybe it is?!!! That would certainly liven things up a bit!!

mummylove Thu 30-Sep-04 22:35:22

blossonhill - i think you need to have a go

masturbation / orgasm is not bad taste

millipede Thu 30-Sep-04 22:36:08

PS - what's a troll????!

misdee Thu 30-Sep-04 22:36:48

who dares to bring this subject up at PTA meetings?

FunAndFrolics Thu 30-Sep-04 22:38:18

Wow mummylove - thanks. I thought that I was the only person in the whole world for whom the M word took away period pains. It's Magic!! (see, it's medicinal)

Just not sure after 10 years how to broach the subject with dh. Over Sunday breakfast (kids playing with trains/Megabloks in the background) "By the way, I meant to ask, do you masturbate my 'dear'" !!!!

Any ideas?

Skate Thu 30-Sep-04 22:39:04

He's a bloke - do you need to ask!?!?!

mummylove Thu 30-Sep-04 22:39:46

so come on.... lets get back to it WHO DOES?

Do you speak about it to any of your friends, i cant beleive funandfrolics that you have never spoke about it to your dh. so what about foreplay, you just masterbate him and you get no pleasure other than sex?... its crazy to me.

maybe we should have thread on what foreplay we all do, we could learn from each other and spice up or restart our sex lives

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