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Friend always commenting on how I look

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Sugarcainx Wed 15-Jan-20 07:07:16

I have a friend who has referred to me a few times as 'ickle' (a word which really annoys me), i'm 169cm, hardly short ! It wouldn't even matter if I was, but she's pretty much the same height as me !
She was asking me once about how tall my family were, I told her my father and brother were well over 6 foot, and my Mum around my height if not slightly taller.
She said, "so youre just the little one then."

I was a bridesmaid for her and she kept going on about how I have the 'perfect measurements' and saying its 'not fair'. (she's used the not fair line over the years before).

Then when getting ready for her wedding, again she said," We have just got little you".

It does my head in, i've ignored it until now. I think she might be insecure in general because she always goes on about myself and her 2 sisters having big breasts. I told her how much I weighed, she seemed shocked I weighed that much and said it was 'all on my breasts'.

Just don't understand why she's always commenting on my height and size, it's not necessary. Would you just ignore her ?

Sugarcainx Wed 15-Jan-20 07:10:43

Sorry, didnt even realise i'd posted here !! How do I move it ?

sockittome123 Wed 15-Jan-20 07:19:23

Report to MNHQ and ask for it to be moved to AIBU/wherever.

To answer your main question, it sounds like ignoring it has had no effect. I would tell her roughly what your last-but-one sentence is: "Stop commenting on my height and size, it's not necessary."

Sugarcainx Wed 15-Jan-20 07:22:29

Thanks, i've just asked them smile it's that time of the morning 😂 yes I really need to, it's just irritating.

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