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sex too painful after 4 months!!

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pieceofcake Sun 26-Aug-07 21:16:40

that's it really....any ideas?? blush

notnowbernard Sun 26-Aug-07 21:20:55

Did you have stitches?

pieceofcake Sun 26-Aug-07 21:25:47

yes. they also told me I had a superficial tear inside that would heal itself...

notnowbernard Sun 26-Aug-07 21:29:04

I think it took about 8 months for sex to feel normal again for me, after a 2nd degree tear.

pieceofcake Sun 26-Aug-07 21:30:42

really? it's unbearable though

notnowbernard Sun 26-Aug-07 21:34:14

Will be honest it wasn't ever unbearable, more uncomfortable. If it's that painful I would maybe go and see your gp?

EvangelinesMum Sun 26-Aug-07 21:36:49

If its that painful it could be the scar tissue that is stopping the area from stretching as it should. This is what happened to me and I have just had a Fenton's Procedure done - my dd is 4 1/2 months old. You should probably see your gp and see what he/she says. They may well refer you to the Gynae unit. Dont know what the outcome of my procedure is yet - only had it done 2 weeks ago so will have to wait and see if it works! blush

pieceofcake Sun 26-Aug-07 21:37:47

yes been once going back tues. wondered if it was normal. perhaps tear wasn't so superficial hmm

pieceofcake Sun 26-Aug-07 21:42:23

what's fenton's procedure?

EvangelinesMum Sun 26-Aug-07 21:48:42

Basically its a small operation to remove the scar tissue and re-stitch the area. Can result in more scar tissue forming but apparently usually reduces it from what it was post-birth. I had it under general anaesthetic in the Day Care Unit. In and out the same day.

pieceofcake Sun 26-Aug-07 21:50:09

right o ta. happy healing...again!

EvangelinesMum Sun 26-Aug-07 21:52:14

Thanks! grin

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