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HAVING troubles to carry on my relationship....

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sasa15 Sun 26-Aug-07 11:16:02

just in case I can see the light in the tunnel,...

what are the benefits....from start...
for a mother that has a child...3 years old
separate from the husband...

need to find a flat
I have not job

husband has not black at the moment....will pay tax eventually

when child will go to school I can get a job,
I'm qualified....

to start what benefit do I get?

free house is it only for single mum?

sasa15 Sun 26-Aug-07 11:42:58


sasa15 Sun 26-Aug-07 11:47:55

just want to know if someone knows
what are my rights........

lifebeginstoday Sun 26-Aug-07 11:49:17

What do you mean 'free house'?

franch Sun 26-Aug-07 11:58:53

I'd guess you mean council house sasa?

Sasa have you tried Citizens Advice Bureau? Sounds like you need a lot of support and information. You don't say what your relationship troubles are?

julezboo Sun 26-Aug-07 13:29:46

You would get income support, housing benefit, council tax benefit, poosible help with finding a new home (council or private let) eg deposit and first month paid for you.

When I split with my ex, my ds was 3, i got all of the above, plus you will get childrens tax credits.

sasa15 Sun 26-Aug-07 14:09:54

thank you,
I hope that we can sort it out...
no violence in the house, just different
personality........and point of view... at night time.......
no porno........

it's not too bad........but it get too

only very happy with puff!!

sasa15 Sun 26-Aug-07 14:16:56

yes council house...
I think is only for single mum never married!

franch Sun 26-Aug-07 16:37:54

No sasa it is based on need. Find your nearest Citizens Advice.

LIZS Sun 26-Aug-07 16:50:05

Council houses aren't free and many benefits are means tested so if you have savings or a stake in the house that will be taken itno account. Your h would be expected to pay soem maintenance. You could perhaps get a job possibly before your child goes to school as at 3 you qualify for some free nursery sessions fudned by LEA and would maybe be eligible for help with childcare throguh tax credits. You really need to visit CAB or a solictor to work out what your entitlements are and register with the Council for a property who will assess your eligibilty for rehousing and the waiting list would vary from one area to another.

sasa15 Thu 30-Aug-07 20:07:46

we had a long chat.......
and he want to change a bit and make me happy...
he hate the idea of divorce.....

so it's ok at the moment!

Bex24 Thu 30-Aug-07 20:52:39


the house - you sometimes have to wait a LONG time before you can get a council house, and it is not always free. It might be better to rent a private house or flat and apply for housing benefit, which will pay some of your rent for you. I got about £250 per month towards my rent when I was a single mother but if he pays you maintenance it will be less. If you try to claim benefits he will HAVE to pay you maintenance. It does not matter if you have already been married.

I hope you find a solution and start feeling better soon xx

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