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Should I feel guilty?

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auntysocial Sun 19-Aug-07 21:38:19

Most school holidays me and my kids usually spend quite alot of time with my mum and my younger sister (13) but this year we don't seem to have done that much due to money and varying holiday dates etc.

Anyway my younger sister realy likes bowling so we all went bowling at the start of the holidays, had a nice day etc.

Since then we've not really done anything together, I've been to their house a couple of times and we went into the town centre once to visit the aquarium etc.

Anyway my sister has been really grumpy, snappy, babyish and nasty every other time we've seen her since the bowling and even kicked my 6 year old DS in the head because he was "annoying" her.

My mum phoned earlier on to see what we were doing next week, I told her I had plans to take the boys to the cinema tomorow, tuesday we're doing our shopping, wednesday we have to stay in to wait for workmen, thursday we're going to the sea-side (with her and my sister) and friday is free...she asked if we wanted to go bowling again before the end of the holidays so I explained that there is only 2 weeks left, I want to take the boys ice skating one day, next week we're very busy and so there probably wont be time.

She seemed upset and offended and said we havnt spent much time with them these holidays but I do suggest stuff only my sister wont do anything other than bowling. I invited them to ice skating and she wouldnt come, I invited them to swimming last week and she didnt want to kids like bowling but we've been once and we're not all that bothered about going again. My mum just said "oh ok, suppose I'll have to take her on my own then".

Am I being unfair? I feel a bit guilty.

lizziemun Sun 19-Aug-07 22:11:32

No i don't think you are being unfair, or that you should feel guilty.

It does get very expensive doing different things with children during the holidays, even if it is just going bowling. Your mum (and sister) should understand that.

From what you have said you have made an effort you have been to see them and asked them into joining in with what you have planned with your DC.

It sounds like your sister is just being a teenage, but i think your mum needs to make it clear that she doesn't always get her own way.

What did your mum say when your sister kicked your son.

hls Sun 19-Aug-07 22:51:18

You shouldn't feel guilty. It's a tricky situation, as your sister is an aunt at 13, but still a child herself and behaving like one too!

Is your mum using you to get your sister out from under her feet? Should she be doing more with her herself? Just a thought....

TotalChaos Sun 19-Aug-07 22:55:00

agree with HLS. Last thing your average 13 year old would want to do is hang out with little kids, she'ld probably be more interested in shopping/cinema/sport etc with kids her own age

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