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Marriage is over but feel stuck

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Novemberrain77 Sat 09-Nov-19 09:04:01

Everytime me and my husband argue. He shouts and swears and says he will sell the house or that he is going to Spain for few weeks to be with his brothers and clear his head. In the past he has punched holes on doors, tipped drawers upside down in kitchen. When I get upset he says " stop balling". We have 5 children . 2 teenagers a boy and girl that are mine. Then I have 3 little girls with my husband. He works hard and pays bills and mortgage. I earn money from home as the house keep he gives me is not enough. I do get tax credits. He doesn't like me working from home as house work . I do house work too though and he doesn't lift a finger. I cook dinner do everything and he does nothing. When he bought house he didn't put my name on it. Yes it's half mine I know as married but he promised me he would put my name on House . We split up briefly because he said he felt suffocated because I asked him to clean the ensuite while I tackled the other rooms. He went mental. Awkward says how I'm lucky to have a nice house and car etc. Last night he said £500 too much money to put my name on deeds. He was shouting at me over and over my son who is nearly 15 came in and said " mum just wants peace of mind". He shouted right in his face " you f***"g pay to do it then. " My son who never cries started to cry. He told me he sick.of seeing him shout at me over everything. He said he is going to Spain for few weeks to clear his head. I am 42 this month and it is daunting to know I will be single with children aged 1 to 15 but what can I do????

category12 Sat 09-Nov-19 09:11:22

I recommend you pack him off to Spain rejoicing and use those weeks to start your divorce.

Novemberrain77 Sat 09-Nov-19 09:13:21

Yes that's what my friend said .

Verily1 Sat 09-Nov-19 09:15:22

The sooner the better.

Novemberrain77 Sat 09-Nov-19 09:18:44

He is moaning about £500 but he has over £12000 sat there from what's left of his mum's inheritance. Plus his wages . He earns over £200 per day:/

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