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Am I falling out of love

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Sdixon44 Thu 10-Oct-19 14:30:43

Please help me I am in a 7 year relationship and things have been going not very well for past 6 months or so we have argumnets frequently about him spending time and making an effort be with me, we don't have much in common and he is very much into his video games and I am not. He is always on his laptop or watching YouTube I have expressed I want more dates and to feel loved and he also never had any money. I do love him still and am wanting to make it work, he is helping alot more around the house and not being on the laptop as often. The problem is I have met this guy at the same place we both work and I feel very attracted to him and I think he likes me to and is single. I would never cheat but I keep thinking about him sometimes and wonder if not this new guy I could be with someone else and be happier?? I keep doubting my relationship not sure what's happening. Is the grass never greener on the other side? How do you know to keep trying or leave?? Xx

georgia19ox Thu 10-Oct-19 14:37:31

Me and my boyfriend were in different relationships when we met he had a 3 year old and i had no children. we both weren't happy in our relationships and we both knew there was something between us we both didnt cheat on you past partner but ended up getting with each other and i would never look back it was hard at first with people not agreeing on how quick we got together but im so in love and now expecting my first child with my soul mate

Sdixon44 Thu 10-Oct-19 14:44:08

I know it's so confusing 😩 I mean my relationship isn't terrible I jsut think sometimes I could be happier how do you know? 7 years is a long time and I think am I settling with my partner or do I need something different?? Ahh sad

SpamChaudFroid Thu 10-Oct-19 14:54:52

he is helping alot more around the house

Helping who? Do you mean he sees shitwork as womens work, so therefore deigning to "help"? Because he's as responsible for chores as you are. They're not your job for him to "help" with. It's called pulling ones weight and not seeing your partner as a housekeeper.

Bin him off (he sounds like a bore anyway) - then have a think about what you would like being in a relationship to look like.

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