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“Nicest woman I have ever met”

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Passthebubbly Mon 16-Sep-19 21:52:39

This is how my dh described another woman. Would it bother you? It is niggling me!

ISmellBabies Mon 16-Sep-19 21:57:49

Of course! I'm obviously the nicest woman dh has ever met. Or so help me God, haha!

DirtyWindow Mon 16-Sep-19 21:58:01

It would bother me - I'd want to be the nicest woman my DP had ever met! Unless he means "nice" in a semi insulting kind of way (boring, doormat..).

ISmellBabies Mon 16-Sep-19 21:58:37

*so help him!

feliciabirthgiver Mon 16-Sep-19 22:01:19

It's perfectly fine, I work with a lovely lovely man who is the nicest person I have ever met - my DH is the sexiest and funniest person I have ever met - it's perfectly acceptable for your DH to say that without compromising his feelings for you.

converseandjeans Mon 16-Sep-19 22:03:19

Agree with felicia nice doesn't mean he finds her attractive.

firstimemamma Mon 16-Sep-19 22:04:47

It would bother me op.

Passthebubbly Mon 16-Sep-19 22:07:51

I’m so on the fence. She is nice! But seriously to say that to your wife! Just is not sitting right with me.

DirtyWindow Mon 16-Sep-19 22:13:49

(having said what I did, TBF I (and I'm sure DP) know plenty of women who are nicer than me. I can be a bit of a bitch though)

Have you asked him exactly what he meant by it?

AravisTarkheena Mon 16-Sep-19 22:15:09

Are you nice?

Passthebubbly Mon 16-Sep-19 22:16:56

I did yes, he said she is just really nice and doesn’t have a bad bone in her body - I said what nicer than me and he said “well you do have a spite side to you” - then back tracked and said we are similar.

Passthebubbly Mon 16-Sep-19 22:18:41

Lol yes I think I am a nice person and so must he for the past 20 years. Just never heard him speak about another woman like that. We have just hired her for our business. She is utterly lovely but he has made me feel really weird now.

DirtyWindow Mon 16-Sep-19 22:19:21

Yeah I don't blame you.

Finfintytint Mon 16-Sep-19 22:20:36

Nice isn’t always a compliment. It can mean bit of a doormat. DH has referred to someone at work as “ having a heart of gold” when he means a bit stupid and a people pleaser.

Passthebubbly Mon 16-Sep-19 22:25:19

Yeah to be fair that’s probably what he meant and I did point out she is in a new job and is trying to impress when she goes home she may be a total moan like I can be! Poor soul it’s not her fault I was just shocked when he said it and how in awe he seemed of her.

Winterlife Mon 16-Sep-19 22:27:27

I always tell my husband I’m not nice and he agrees.

I’m exceptionally kind, but I’m not nice.

Passthebubbly Mon 16-Sep-19 22:30:54

Winter life I am sure you are very nice. You took time to respond to me! Perhaps I need to look at my own failings and perhaps I am not as “nice” as this lovely lady. Doesn’t mean to say he fancies her as said above i just need to get a grip. Just thrown me a bit

INeedNewShoes Mon 16-Sep-19 22:35:14

I don't consider 'nice' to be 100% positive. I wouldn't want to be the nicest person someone had ever met. There's kindness and being considerate but 'nice' somehow has a slightly weak connotation.

Having said all that I'd be very wary of someone so 'nice'.

Sunflower20 Mon 16-Sep-19 22:39:38

That doesn't mean anything, he just thinks that she's 'good natured'. Honestly, don't think too much of it.

saraclara Mon 16-Sep-19 22:40:19

I can't see anything wrong with it at all. Some people are exceptionally nice, some are feisty, some are fun, some are stimulating company.

Your husband loves you for your own unique set of traits. This woman might be the nicest person he ever met, but he doesn't love her. He loves you. Because he probably doesn't want to be married to the nicest person in the world. He wants to be married to someone who complements his own traits, who makes him laugh, who he fancies, who makes him a better person by pulling him up on stuff, who's good to debate or argue with.

You're really over-thinking this.

Savingforarainyday Mon 16-Sep-19 22:41:15

Do you mean that " nice" is superficial, and kind is more genuine/ thoughtful?

Namelessinseattle Mon 16-Sep-19 22:42:54

Bingley and Jane were nice. I’d rather be Lizzie and Darcy.

Sarcelle Mon 16-Sep-19 22:43:38

I feel a bit sorry for her. She is there to do a job. Even if your husband does have the hots for her, that is not her fault, nor does it mean she will be complicit if he tries to start something with her.

I don't think what he said rings alarms.

Booboooo Mon 16-Sep-19 22:44:20

What does she look like OP?

Ohyesiam Mon 16-Sep-19 22:44:22

Do you have a spite side to you?

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