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I need a hobby

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flamingnoravera Wed 11-Sep-19 00:36:31

Since Xmas I've had two short relationships with guys I've met on OLD. The first I posted here about because he cocklodged after the second date and I had to get him out.

The second is avoidant and more interested in music than me.

I need a break from dating but I have nothing to do with my time. I have few friends nearby, maybe once a month I go out for a drink or catch up with a mate but mostly I come home from work to an empty house and watch tv. I've been trying to fill the gap in my life through dating but only manage to meet tossers. So I need something to occupy me.

I already swim five times a week so nothing exercise based. What hobbies can a 57 yr old lefty, bohemian type take up that would be more satisfying than serial dating or TV?

I can already cook pretty well- but don't enjoy it unless it's for others. I like crafty stuff but have a house full of never started craft ideas. I need ideas for things I can do at the weekend other than mope around feeling sorry for myself or scroll through endless pics of fat bald men holding carp or pike.

EmmaGrundyForPM Wed 11-Sep-19 00:39:54

Join a drama group? Even if you don't want to act there are backstage roles, costumes etc. I joined one to make more friends after dh and I moved house and it was really good fun.

barney11 Wed 11-Sep-19 00:43:16

Book group? Join a local arts society or similar, they often do trips to the theatre or places of historical interest etc. Good luck!

Yeahsurewhatever Wed 11-Sep-19 00:44:33

Cross stitch
Card making
Start your own business selling rhe things you like to cook or bake.
A blog?
Get a pet

I know you said no sport but can you ditch swimming one night and do a team sport to help you meet people

Volunteer with the elderly

Yeahsurewhatever Wed 11-Sep-19 00:46:17

Or volunteer anywhere - find something you enjoy
Or is meaningful

Also any home DIY projects you've been putting off?

cruellaisback Wed 11-Sep-19 00:46:37

In no particular order:
Music - learn an instrument?
Photography - maybe combine with walking, and photograph scenery or flowers etc
Local history
Learn a language, combined maybe with cultural stuff - our local city has a French institute that runs culture classes
Volunteering (maybe volunteer gardening if you don’t have one of your own, or community cooking?)
Any of that float your boat?

TowelNumber42 Wed 11-Sep-19 00:50:29


Teach or volunteer at something.

Declutter the unfinished crafts. Or finish them.

Do a course in something random at your local community college.

Be a tourist in your home/work location. Visit all the attractions on Tripadvisor, on the town website etc. Even the crap ones. Especially the crap ones. Ideally with a friend so you piss yourselves laughing about it.

BlankTimes Wed 11-Sep-19 01:21:42

Geo caching

MarthasGinYard Wed 11-Sep-19 01:26:26

Do you enjoy country walking, national park stuff etc?

I volunteer and do loads of activities footpath mending, helping park rangers, visitor surveys etc.

Have met some great people and much of it is weekend based.

FuriousVexation Wed 11-Sep-19 06:25:40

Literally anything would be more satisfying than watching TV. If you took a shit, that shit would be worth at least double a prime ad slot.

* What hobbies can a 57 yr old lefty, bohemian type take up that would be more satisfying than serial dating or TV?*

OK, I'm just approaching 50 but off the top of my head:
Fell walking
Intense MPG gaming
Intense nonMPG gaming
Taking a lot more nature on board

biggirlknickers Wed 11-Sep-19 06:33:08

Ok, weird suggestion here but if you’re a lefty you might consider getting involved in your local branch of the SDP or Labour Party, where you will meet like-minded people and get to discuss / listen to talks on issues you care about. You can also get involved in demonstrations and campaigns.

category12 Wed 11-Sep-19 06:33:31

Meet Up groups?

HoHoHolyCow Wed 11-Sep-19 06:44:26

Pokemon Go?
Sounds daft, but where I live there is a really active community who meet up most evenings and weekends to do raids. They even go to European events etc together. There are parents with kids, students, young professionals, retirees and all ages in between. I'd recommend it! Plus you get fit from all the walking!

flamingnoravera Wed 11-Sep-19 07:08:32

Thanks, loads of ideas. I've got Moretons Neuroma in my feet which rules out long walks or being on my feet for any length of time.

I'm going to investigate an upholstery course near me. I'll also look at meet up groups.

tactum Wed 11-Sep-19 07:33:48

Bridge? I've been learning for a couple of years and it's endlessly fascinating, keeps the brain cells ticking and very sociable if you join a club (and cheap as chips!). Might not be a fertile hunting ground for single men, but everyone is very friendly

flamingnoravera Wed 11-Sep-19 21:50:39

So, I've found an upholstery course, and got bids on a couple of chairs on eBay to do up. That's Tuesday nights sorted. Ive signed up to Meetup but not found anything I want to do on there yet... but it's only been a day.

Thanks for all the ideas, I will get out and start doing stuff.

Dappledsunlight Thu 12-Sep-19 07:31:06

I suggest an art class - it's an individual pursuit but something that can be practised in a group. I always find art groups full of lovely, friendly people.

flamingnoravera Thu 12-Sep-19 07:34:11

I keep seeing art classes I fancy but they are on days that I work. I'll keep looking though, I'd like to return to drawing.

EarlyBird39 Thu 12-Sep-19 13:10:12


Since I started I can't stop. It's so can seat quietly with a cup of tea and colour for hours!

There are so many beautiful adult colouring books available. I love Johanna Bastford's ones, though.

Give it a try smile

pooopypants Thu 12-Sep-19 13:34:52

Sewing (tonnes of YouTube videos for both of these)
Book club
Volunteering (soup kitchen etc)

Fatshedra Thu 12-Sep-19 13:41:24

Once you start making enquiries you will find loads of art groups/ classes/ crafts. You sort of have to be attending a class where, as everyone is interested in it, you will hear of loads of other stuff going on in The area.

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