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DP's estranged mother has just been rushed to hospital

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PinkChick Wed 08-Aug-07 09:07:44

her other son found her fitting in bed and one side of her face all contorted..sil rang after he had rang her, shes at hosp now, was breathing but not concious.

she cut all ties with us almost 4yrs ago now and ahs been (watching my p's and q's as shes ill!) a very very nasty person to both of us.

dp has put a brick wall up and said it just makes him think more of how shes hurt him/us and hes not going to go play happy families after what shes done...but i know really, he will be feeling this and dont know what to say/do...tbh he wont appreciate any input on it, but although she has been awful to me, im still upset, shes still dp's mum and i am in limbo waiting to hear what hosp say after theyve done tests.

turtlesoup Wed 08-Aug-07 09:18:48

feel for you. Hope your dp manages to sort out his feelings without playing happy families. Best to sort things out with the living in my experience, youre not to blame for her being nasty to you so its ok to feel compasion without loosing anything.

PinkChick Wed 08-Aug-07 09:34:23

thanks, think ill leave this one to him, he has his own issues and me telling him to go see her will just give him guilt about it all..waiting to hear back from sil..TBH, i wish I could be there with her , which i find strange?

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