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I told him how many people I slept with ...and I think it's put him off me,what now?

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dererer Mon 12-Aug-19 19:46:32

I met a guy and we have been dating but not officially a couple just casual really.
I'm 35 and I've only slept with 4 people.
I told him I only sleep with people I really like and see something more developing.
He said he was shocked I only slept with 4 and got a bit freaked out.
What do I do now?
I wasn't going to lie and add loads on.
He couldn't remember how many he had slept with.

HUZZAH212 Tue 13-Aug-19 05:01:21

On a more serious note - most people (to my knowledge) don't talk about the number of people they have/haven't slept with. It's generally a hiding to nothing. My friend who emigrated to a US 'party city' many years ago, stated the common approach there is to both get tested for STIs and show each other the paperwork if you're in a serious relationship and want to embark on sex without condoms (withstanding alternative contraception). Seemed like a very sensible discussion/method between consenting adults to me. Anyone can tell you any old bullshit otherwise and expect you to take it as gospel.

SwordofGryffindor Wed 14-Aug-19 03:53:38

Ah feic off what a shallow prick!! I was with my ex from 19-24 and my fella now 25-27 and have only slept with them 2

user1481840227 Wed 14-Aug-19 04:50:00

For loads of guys they would actually be really happy that your number was that low!

Either way, it shouldn't matter at all if it's low or a medium/average number so it's strange that he's acting like that.

Not that there is anything wrong with high numbers and i'm not judging anyone for a high number, but i'm sure for those who had slept with say 100 men there might be some questions from the guy because I can imagine that's pretty unusual!

DeeCeeCherry Wed 14-Aug-19 05:45:19

It's an immature conversation to have in the 1st place. It's just so one or the other can be judgemental.

Mileysmiley Wed 14-Aug-19 05:53:53

My husband has been engaged twice before me and had numerous girlfriends. Me I have been engaged and had a few little flings some one night stands etc. Funnily enough my husband won't talk about his ex girlfriends and he doesn't want know about mine because they are all in the past.

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