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Living with ex over school holidays - feelings involved

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Headinhands2019 Mon 12-Aug-19 01:02:10

Hi guys,

Me and my partner of 10 years spilt up at the end of July. She ended as doesn't love me or have feelings for me anyone. We agreed that I'd stay over the school holidays.
I still have feelings for her and have hugged her around 3 times and each time she feels lifeless and like her soul has left her body. I've told her countless times that I love her and we should make this work. She has her mindset!
Should I completely back off for the remaining time we're living together? She's not going to change her mind right?
All her benefits have been put in place and I feel redundant....

OliveToboogie Mon 12-Aug-19 01:05:19

Sorry as painful as it is sounds like she has emotionally checked out. You can't force someone to love you.

Headinhands2019 Mon 12-Aug-19 01:08:51

It feels so strange not to be close and intimate. We last had sex on 27th July. I guess if we're not together I can't try anything on with her.

AgentJohnson Mon 12-Aug-19 06:15:55

She’s an Ex, you need to accept it.

eve34 Mon 12-Aug-19 07:25:16

She has checked out long ago. I was in the same situation I thought if he could just see how much I loved him he would change his mind.

I know how hard it is but you need to organise yourself. And try to separate yourself emotionally. Not easy whilst you are under the same roof.

Start making your plans for separating. Not easy I know and try to look forward for yourself.

Headinhands2019 Mon 12-Aug-19 07:53:21

Thanks for the replies. We have set a date at end of the month for the move. It's difficult having being with someone for so long and have 3 young children together.

fiorentina Mon 12-Aug-19 07:57:04

Sad as it sounds, you need to work on being good friends and co-parents, not keep trying to be tactile with her. She’s made it clear how she feels, however heart breaking that is.

Headinhands2019 Mon 12-Aug-19 09:04:39

So people think there is no going back and it's finished?

Vasya Mon 12-Aug-19 09:06:20

It sounds like it OP - I'm sorry, it must be so hard. Living under the same roof can't make it any easier. Hopefully once you no longer live together you will find it easier to heal.

VikVal Mon 12-Aug-19 09:09:55

She has checked out sorry but she has no feelings for you. Let go and move on from this.

LannieDuck Mon 12-Aug-19 12:59:33

Has she told you why?

It makes a difference whether it was behaviour of yours that led to her falling out of love (might be salvageable if you're willing to change), or behaviour of hers, e.g. finding someone else (almost certainly not salvageable, and you need to find a way to move on for your own mental health).

Headinhands2019 Mon 12-Aug-19 13:21:35

Her reasons were we didn't go out as a family enough. We work opposite to each other and she's part time and I'm full time. I've been feeling exhausted lately due to finishing work at midnight most nights.
She did get very close with a work colleague but she refuses to admit that's the real reason why we've split.

Headinhands2019 Mon 12-Aug-19 13:48:54

I was willing to forgive and forget.

Headinhands2019 Mon 12-Aug-19 15:57:22

She's took oldest away until tomorrow night. I joked to her today saying I'm going to stay. She said no, we agreed for you to leave on xxxx.
It has been since 25th July when we split.
I'm thinking of getting her some welcome home flowers. Am I insane or just caring?

vixfromthestix Mon 12-Aug-19 16:08:54

Don't get her flowers, focus on when you are moving out and get everything in order for that to happen. Be civil towards each other and work on being good co-parents.

It's so hard living with an ex, I had to do it for months as the sale of our property took forever to go through and he refused to leave, and my ex never thought it was really over and it killed me having to repeat over and again there was no going back.

GreenTulips Mon 12-Aug-19 16:12:07

She told you what she wants and you still aren’t listening? Why is that?

Why the flowers? Why didn’t you make more effort when you had the chance? Did you become one of those sofa dads?

Headinhands2019 Mon 12-Aug-19 16:16:49

Well people can change their mind and realise it's a huge mistake. 3 young children together.

mummymayhem18 Mon 12-Aug-19 16:18:30

Yes as hard as it for you to admit to yourself it sounds like things have come to an end. I know it's always hard being the one who didn't make the decision but you can't force things that are no longer there. It will be better for you both in the long run.Dont trying to force feelings and being tactile etc as it will just push her more away and becomes cringey.

vixfromthestix Mon 12-Aug-19 16:19:08

In the unlikely event she changes her mind, she can come to you. Being pushy isn't going to make her do that.

msmith501 Mon 12-Aug-19 16:20:28

In my experience you'll only end up adding to your pain trying to bridge a gap that has become a chasm between two cliffs on opposite sides of the world. It's hard but in reality it's like a light switch that has finally been switched off. You now need to focus on keeping yourself as healed as possible and move forward. Don't internalise blame either... it's not healthy in the short term.

Headinhands2019 Mon 12-Aug-19 16:29:25

Thank you for the great advice. I guess I have to dust myself off and move on. As you guys are suggesting, there is no going back sadly.

Raspberrytruffle Mon 12-Aug-19 17:21:21

Dear God OP have some bloody dignity! Your ex has clearly told you she doesn't want you. I'm cringing reading this. Have some self respect and move on.

Headinhands2019 Mon 12-Aug-19 17:29:58

She my only relationship and it was around 10 years. It's hard letting go and deniel sets in. How do I be around her for the reminder of the time I'm here?

readitandwept Mon 12-Aug-19 17:37:26

Why are you staying over the holidays? Hats just prolonging the inevitable.

Make arrangements and leave.

Headinhands2019 Mon 12-Aug-19 17:50:55

Logistics really and less stress on the children as they're not at school. My new place will be 25 miles away.

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